Pioneer launch three new Network AV Receivers

Feature packed and future-proofed

by hodg100 Aug 23, 2016 at 10:07 AM

  • Pioneer has just announced three new Network AV Receivers with the launch of the SC-LX701, SC-LX801 and SC-LX901 due in September 2016.
    All three models feature Multi-Room Audio, which allows for the wireless distribution of a variety of sound sources - including LPs and streaming services - in different rooms. Also included are network functions, including Google Cast and music streaming services including TIDAL, DEEZER, Spotify and TuneIn.

    Each model also incorporates MCACC Pro, an automatic room calibration technology that adjusts specifically to your environment to deliver optimised object-based audio. This automatic acoustic calibration system works in sync with the new ‘Reflex Optimizer’ feature, which is designed to deliver the 'ideal' object-based audio reproduction when using up-firing speakers in a Dolby Atmos speaker array.

    A new user-friendly GUI gives users quick access to network settings and simplifies the initial set up of the product with easy-to-understand on-screen guidance.

    Based on a decade of Class D design experience, Pioneer refurbished their Direct Energy HD amplifier from scratch. They tell us this new amplifier design achieves further improvements to sound quality, reducing the potential noise level through a redesigned circuit layout, resulting in the shortest signal path.

    All models incorporate the ESS SABRE32 Ultra DAC and Pioneer’s new Reflex Optimizer feature was designed to maximise object-based audio reproduction with Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers to generate the best sound experience from stand-alone and/or add-on speakers. In addition to Atmos support, DTS:X will be supported ‘out-of-the-box’ with no firmware update required.

    The SC-LX701, SC-LX801 and SC-LX901 support 4K/60p/4:4:4 24-bit video signal transmission with HDCP 2.2 technology, ensuring compatibility with the many upcoming UltraHD (4K) sources and televisions. Pioneer’s Super Resolution, which was developed for the company’s BDP-LX88 Universal player, has also been integrated, allowing the upscaling of all picture sources. In addition, all three models support HDR (High Dynamic Range) and BT.2020.

    The SC-LX701, SC-LX801 and SC-LX901 have a Zone 2 (Powered / Line Out) and Zone 3 (Line Out only) output and will support FireConnect by BlackFire Research - a stable wireless protocol that mirrors any audio source connected to the receiver. From vinyl to streamed audio, all sources can be forwarded on to an optional FireConnect compatible speaker in another room. An optional Pioneer range of FireConnect compatible Wi-Fi speakers is to be released in late 2016.

    In addition to high-resolution sound sources (192kHz/24bit) in FLAC, WAV, AIFF and Apple lossless file formats, DSD (2.8/5.6/11.2 MHz) and Dolby TrueHD files are also supported.

    Pioneer has developed a new jitter reduction system called PQFA (Precision Quartz File-based Audio) for the SC-LX701, SC-LX801 and SC-LX901. This, they say, reduces jitter drastically, which occurs during network audio signal processing by applying high accuracy clock control. PQFA is effective for every audio signal such as audio via wired network, Hi-Res Audio via USB, streaming audio via internet and internet radio. It’s also effective for wireless networks, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    The SC-LX701 (RRP £1399), SC-LX801 (RRP £1899) and SC-LX901 (RRP £2499) will all be available from September 2016

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