Pioneer E8 Wireless In-Ear Earbuds Debut at CES 2019

Using the E8s is the easy bit, the workout is up to you.

by Andy Bassett Jan 5, 2019 at 3:01 PM

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    Pioneer E8 Wireless In-Ear Earbuds Debut at CES 2019
    Pioneer are throwing around the term Sports Headphones when referring the E8s, so it’s clear who they are aiming them at. How will these CES 2019 debutants win over their athletic audience?
    The E8s come with three pairs of secure ear fins in small, medium and large sizes, which lock each earbud into place, making them almost impossible to shake free during a workout. The E8s are IPX5-rated for water-resistance and include Ambient awareness earphone tips to keep wearers in touch with the world while maintaining musical immersion - designed to keep users safe without breaking their focus.

    The Ear Direct Mount Structure features angled drivers and nozzles that aim sound straight into the inner ear, avoiding damping issues. The hands-free Multi-Function button controls playback, phone, and voice-assistant functions, while the Pioneer Notification App for Android™ can read out mail, news and more on the go.

    The internal earphone batteries provide a maximum three hours continuous connection (including audio playback) on a single charge. The E8’s carry case can replenish the units twice, thus extending your listening time to about nine hours. A simple shake of the charging case causes the LEDs to display the remaining battery charge.

    Debuting at CES 2019, the E8 in-ear sports headphones will be available in yellow, grey and pink for $149.99 USD.

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