Pioneer announce three new Network CD Receiver Systems

Feature packed with support for hi-res audio

by hodg100 Aug 26, 2016 at 1:53 PM

  • Pioneer has announced the release of three new Network CD Receiver Systems with speakers - X-HM76, X-HM76D and X-HM86D.
    As well as the playback of existing CD libraries, each model supports various music streaming services combined with support for high-resolution audio sources.

    The X-HM76, X-HM76D and X-HM86D Network CD Receiver Systems support network streaming services including TuneIn, Spotify, TIDAL and DEEZER. They also each feature Google Cast, allowing you to access a whole lot more. The fascia-mounted 3.5” LCD screen can show album art and a range of other information.

    Each model also includes Wi-Fi functionality including AirPlay. The playback of high-resolution audio files is also possible - FLAC/AIFF/WAV up to 192 kHz/24-bit),along with Apple Lossless and DSD up to 11.2 MHz.

    The premium X-HM86D, with enhanced sound quality, tops the range and is equipped with a 2 x 65W per channel Class D amplifier and uses the ‘latest in short signal path design.’ To reduce background noise, the Clean Ground Design separates the grounding of the analogue and digital circuits so that digital circuitry is not affected by the higher power required for the amplifier circuit.

    Both the X-HM76D and X-HM86D are equipped with a DAB/DAB+ tuner, which is able to receive digital radio broadcasts. To complete the package, each system includes matching speakers that have been tuned to gain the very best from the electronics.

    Support is also available for the new Pioneer Remote App, allowing the main unit to be controlled from iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android device. Operations such as volume adjustment, function switching and song selection can be carried out.

    The X-HM76 speakers are equipped with a 120 mm woofer and 25 mm dome tweeter, while the X-HM86D speaker package is equipped with a 130 mm fiberglass bass driver to reproduce even crisper sounds. To complete the package, the front baffle employs a gloss-coated finish.

    Naturally all models are equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as CD replay, an FM tuner and Internet radio, along with a USB input that supports the connection of an HDD. The X-HM76D and X-HM86D are also equipped with a DAB/DAB+ tuner.

    The X-HM76 (SRP - £429.99), X-HM76D (SRP - £469.99) and X-HM86D (£649.99) will all be available during September 2016. The X-HM86D is also available without speakers (XC-HM86D) from select retailers for an SRP of £399.99.

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