Pioneer announce new flagship XDP-300R Digital Audio Player

Dual ESS DAC’s, a fully balanced pre-amp circuit and balanced headphone output

by hodg100 Oct 12, 2016 at 4:37 PM

  • Hot on the heels of, and clearly related to, the price reduction for the XDP-100R, Pioneer has announced its latest and greatest in their Digital Audio Player range with the XDP-300R
    The XDP-300R supports a range of high res audio formats including DSD (up to 11.2MHz) and FLAC/WAV (24bit/384kHz) files. Like the existing XDP-100R, this model is one of the first products in the world to support the new MQA format - a new coding system that offers extreme High Res Audio in streamable file sizes.

    The XDP-300R builds on the credentials of the XDP-100R by adding dual ESS DACs alongside a fully balanced pre-amp circuit. Taking further advantage of these added capabilities, a dedicated balanced headphone output has also been added to ensure optimal performance with suitably equipped headphones.

    The XDP-300R is based on Android with access to Google Play apps, to expand the functionality, and sports a 4.7 inch colour display. Naturally there’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on board too. The Pioneer comes pre-loaded with the OnkyoMusic app, so you can download high res audio files without the need of a PC.

    You get two micro SD card slots, along with the built in storage, to a maximum of 500GB and file transfer of existing music is simple, says Pioneer, thanks to the X-DAP Link app or drag and drop methods. Streaming services include TIDAL, Spotify and Deezer and also come pre-loaded onto the XDP-300R.

    Designed from the ground up as a dedicated music player, all the circuitry in the XDP-300R is housed within a ridged aluminium chassis. Inside, the SABRE DAC (ES9018K2M) is employed in a dual configuration for the first time in a Pioneer DAP. Meanwhile, the SABRE 9601K amplifier provides the necessary power for more demanding headphones. These components operate within an isolated closed loop construction to eliminate any extraneous noise or vibration. The audio board and CPU board are separated internally, further isolating sources of noise, using the same approach as separating an amplifier from the playback device in a component stereo system. Analogue circuitry is consolidated around the headphone jack, keeping the switching circuitry as far away as possible.

    Released in late October, the Pioneer XDP-300R is available in black or silver with a UK SRP of £599.99

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