Philips Izzy multi-room speaker range announced

Just one tap fills your home with music and it will even stream your CDs

by hodg100 Sep 3, 2015 at 11:56 AM

  • Gibson Innovations, the company now behind the Philips audio brand, has presented the Philips Izzy multi-room speaker range out in Berlin.
    Connecting at the touch of a button, Philips/Gibson say these speakers give you all the playback options you’ll ever need while offering a seamless user experience. Just press the Izzylink ‘group’ button to play the same music through all speakers, or take control of each speaker individually to enjoy different music in different rooms.

    The Izzy range allows you to listen to all the music from your favourite apps – with no restrictions – from any smartphone or tablet. Just connect to one speaker via Bluetooth, and Izzylink will do the rest – no Wi-Fi connection required. You can also stream your CDs or favourite radio station throughout your home.

    The new Philips Izzy range is a real breakthrough for people that want an easy-to-use multi-room music system in their home”, said Benjamin Ngo, Audio Business Leader, Gibson Innovations. “This is the first range to offer a multi-room plug and play solution without the need of a wireless router or app. Simply press a button and the speakers connect. With great looks and excellent sound quality, they work with any music app.”

    Philips Izzy BM5
    Available in three different colours, the Philips Izzy BM5 is a compact multi-room speaker with a minimalist appearance and simple interface. It connects to your playback device using Bluetooth. It’s Equipped with two 2.5” drivers and a bass port for a deeper low end. Each individual speaker can be used alone or paired with up to four other Izzy speakers by pressing the ‘Group’ button.

    Philips Izzy BM50
    The Philips Izzy BM50 offers a multi-room music system solution which offers a larger range of playback options, including CDs, meaning your prized collection can not only be played directly through the speaker, but can also be enjoyed in every room with a tap of a button. The Izzy BM50 also includes radio and USB playback as well as Bluetooth wireless streaming from smartphones/tablets and can be linked up with other BM50 or BM5 speakers via Izzylink.

    The Izzy speaker range will be available in Europe in autumn 2015.

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