Philips Flagship 4K HDR 9600 TV announced

Will we see it in the UK?

by hodg100 Sep 3, 2015 at 10:59 AM

  • In recent years, Philips has had a habit of announcing magnificently specified TVs only for them not to be released to the UK market but we’re hopeful that won’t be the case with their latest, the 9600 UHD TV, which has just been shown at IFA 2015.
    Naturally, in the current climate, the 9600 is HDR capable and Philips says it is built to be able to show content created on monitors capable of 4000-10000 Nit, although it won’t go quite that bright.

    Philips Bright Premium makes use of a display with more average light output (600 Nit) than a normal LED backlight (450 Nit) and is also capable of creating peak light boosts up to 1000 Nit.

    The 9600 Philips UHD TV uses a 2D Dimming panel and the system is claimed to produce contrast levels of 10,000,000:1, which would be mighty impressive, and the company claims it can accurately analyse 6400 zones in every picture while adjusting each of the 256 independent segments within the backlight which, again, sounds excellent.

    Philips’ Perfect Pixel Ultra HD Engine focuses on four key elements: sharpness, motion, contrast and colour. Good quality sources are optimised, whilst poorer quality or non-UHD inputs are offered noise free thanks to Advanced Digital Noise Reduction (DNR). Ultra Resolution, they say, transforms the original pixels into better pixels, whatever that means.

    Perfect Natural Motion is a Philips motion enhancement technology that uses 4 Billion pixels processing power for judder free motion. The combination with a 200Hz 4k UHD panel creates, they claim, moving images of ‘supreme sharpness and the smoothest, most fluid motion imaginable.’

    You also get Philips’ unique Ambilight technology, which can project an ever changing band of light - that precisely matches the on-screen content - onto the wall behind the TV around all four sides of the set. Whilst this is clever, we’ll be sticking with the static D65 setting, thanks, which can still create the illusion that the TV is floating in a halo of light without being distracting.

    The 9600 comes with a very slim metal bezel around its 164cm (65’’) screen and the chrome ‘blade’ feet enhance its design. Completing the design is an integrated super-slim speaker system in polished metal that is attached just below the screen. This includes two extra front-firing tweeters that combine with three rear-firing subwoofers to offer 50W of sound.

    The Philips 9600 TVs are powered by Android TV; giving access to all TV orientated apps, services, and content in the Google Play store while also complementing the existing Philips Smart TV offering. To aid operation and fast navigation an advanced remote control with QWERTY/AZERTY keyboard, swipe pad and speech recognition technology is included.

    We’ll press Philips on UK release and pricing details.

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