Philips 901F OLED TV launched at IFA

The worst kept secret in AV becomes a reality

by hodg100 Sep 1, 2016 at 10:57 AM

  • Following an inadvertent comment from a Philips TP Vision representative earlier in 2016, the company have officially confirmed it is to release the 901F OLED TV in a 55-inch screen size.
    The 901F features Philips’ ambilight technology, an integrated 6.1 Sound system, a Smart TV platform powered by Android and various proprietary processing techniques.

    The inherent properties of OLED make it the perfect partner for the company’s Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine, says Philips, with far better results in terms of black level, contrast, colour and motion reproduction than the most powerful LED/LCD sets.

    OLED TVs, Philips remind us, remove the problems caused by an ‘always-on’ backlight by featuring light emitting pixels with the ability to completely switch off. They also claim that having deeper black levels also allows more accurate and vibrant colours to be reproduced with the 901F enjoying an incredibly wide colour gamut said to be 99% of DCI-P3, which is in line with the 2016 LG OLED TVs.

    While the native performance of the LG OLED panel in the 901F is already exceptional, says the company, it is the unique combination of OLED technology with the Philips Perfect Pixel Ultra HD Engine that brings a new and outstanding performance quality to the market. Perfect Pixel Ultra HD includes the Perfect Natural Motion system with its processing power of 4 billion pixels, allowing each individual pixel within the image to be continually monitored and adjusted for sharpness and fluid motion.

    The processing engine also includes an Ultra Resolution system that will upscale and convert any source into a sharper, more refined Ultra HD image. Contrast is also claimed to have been further improved thanks to the Perfect Contrast system with Local Contrast processing working in partnership with Micro Dimming Perfect technology.

    Local Contrast is an additional process that works together with the Micro Dimming Perfect system to identify fine detail within the image and locally enhance details in the darker areas rather than boosting them across all of the screen.

    Philips TP Vision states that the 901F can hit 540.nits peak light output which again is comparable to the LGs, which is no surprise given that LG Display supplied the panel.

    The manufacturer also announced that new and existing Philips TV customers will also be able to experience the benefits of HDR content, with all 2016 sets from the 6400 series upwards being HDR compatible – via an over-the-air firmware update.

    We await exact pricing details on the 901F but Philips said it will be around £3,500 and the TV should be available in the UK in November. There will be a full hands-on article coming soon.

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