Philips Audio brand to relaunch in Europe

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by Andy Bassett Jan 24, 2019 at 9:46 PM

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    Philips Audio brand to relaunch in Europe
    Historically, a well respected name in audio circles, the Philips Audio brand will be re-launched during 2019
    In recognition of the success that TP Vision has enjoyed in restoring Philips TVs to an acknowledged brand in the consumer TV market, Philips has awarded its global audio licence to them too.

    Although currently known for its lighting and healthcare products - and now, of course, TV - Philips also has a rich history as a purveyor of audio products including radios, which they later combined with cassette recorders to create the ‘radiorecorder.’ This was a world’s first and led to the now culturally recognised ‘Boombox’.

    Philips also introduced the Compact Audio Cassette in the early 60s and were later significantly involved in development of the compact disc.

    TP Vision’s parent company, TPV Technology, was awarded the exclusive global rights for the design, marketing and sales of Philips Audio products back in June 2018. The company has now spent the past six months performing a strategic appraisal of the audio market and will start the process of re-launching the Philips Audio brand during 2019.

    Philips Audio will operate as a new, stand-alone organisation but will also be part of the TP Vision operation at the European HQ in Amsterdam where it will be able to tap into existing resources in areas such as design and marketing.

    TP Vision had originally planned a low-key start in 2019 but strong demand from leading retailers across Europe has led the company to re-introduce a number of Philips Audio’s most popular lines with immediate effect.

    The company intends to move forward during the first half of 2019 with a wide portfolio of products covering all areas of the audio market including: portable audio, wireless audio, clock-radio, smart connected products, home sound systems, soundbars and headphones under both the Philips Audio and the high-end audio Philips Fidelio brand names.

    In the short-term (first-half 2019) products will be selected from the most popular and successful existing lines while in the mid-to-longer term the company will work on integrated products, co-developed with TP Vision’s technical and manufacturing partners.

    The company will also move to introduce new lines of in-house designed products at the Berlin IFA Show in September 2019, so there won’t be too long to wait before new devices are available to the consumer.

    Commenting on the new developments, TP Vision Chief Marketing Officer, Martijn Smelts said: ‘This is a very exciting and rare opportunity to be able to properly resource and re-establish one of the audio market’s leading brands. In a similar fashion to the progress Philips TV has made, TP Vision is taking a long-term view and intends to build a successful business that puts both Philips TV and Philips Audio back into their rightful place as one of the European consumer’s most popular home audio and TV brands’.

    Once a world renowned name in audio technology, Philips’ audio credentials were diluted by a series of business mergers, name changes and product changes. The focus has now been brought back to its audio strengths and it will be interesting to see if TP Vision can work the same magic here as it has with Philips rapidly expanding TV ranges.

    Are you glad to see the Philips name planning a comeback in the audio arena? What were your favourite Philips products? Let us know in the discussion.

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