Philips announces OLED807 and 8807 The One TVs for 2022

A brighter year for Philips' OLEDs

by Andy Bassett

Philips’ new OLED807 is the first to adopt the new, brighter OLED EX panel and also uses the latest 6th gen P5 AI image processing suite.

After the CES 2022 reveal of the latest OLED display innovation in the form of LG Display’s OLED EX panel, many TV enthusiasts wondered which manufacturer would be the first out of the gates with a TV sporting the new screen.


The answer is Philips, which has just announced its OLED807 TV range for 2022. Coming in 48-, 55-, 65- and 77-inch sizes, the TV features the new EX panel and also benefits from the latest 6th Gen P5 AI picture processing suite, improved Ambilight technology, IMAX Enhanced compatibility and gaming enhancements.

The new OLED EX panel is manufactured using deuterium compounds rather than hydrogen based ones and the increased efficiency and stability delivers up to 30-percent more brightness. Moreover, the new panels are up to 3-4mm slimmer leading to a further reduction in bezel size and an even more immersive viewing experience.

Philips announces OLED807 and 8807 The One TVs for 2022
Philips OLED807

The addition of an improved 6th Gen P5 AI processing chipset includes an enhanced version of the P5’s Ambient Intelligence function which leverages the TV’s light sensor to monitor the viewing environment’s lighting conditions such that brightness, gamma and colour can be adjusted continually in real time to optimise black details, colour temperature and eye care. This process works no matter the content type and can handle HDR10+, Dolby Vision and SDR sources equally.

A new version of AI Auto Film Mode expands the number of smart picture modes from the original two to seven when movie content is detected, giving the viewer more control over how they’d like their film experience to look - these options still include Filmmaker Mode.

Some renaming of the available modes has also taken place for 2022: ISF Day and ISF Night are now Expert 1 and Expert 2 which means that, including Calman, there are three modes for professional calibration of up to three different input sources. Furthermore, Standard has been rebranded as Eco, and Vivid Mode is now called Crystal Clear.

2022 sees the addition of IMAX Enhanced support which means that content mastered using IMAX Digital Media Remastering technology (DMR) will be presented in the best possible format.

The OLED807 features an improved version of the Philips’ signature Ambilight system which will be implemented on the company’s mini LED models and above for 2022. The latest Ambilight delivers increased colour detail and better accuracy in the location matching of objects in the Ambilight halo. This new innovation is based on a one-LED pixel concept where each LED is addressed individually, giving three times more zones than with conventional Ambilight.

HDMI 2.1 compatibility includes e-ARC as well as VRR support for 4K up to 120Hz at a full bandwidth of 48Gbps (4:4:4, 12 bit), plus Auto Game and Auto-Low-Latency modes. Moreover, the new Game Bar provides quick access and control over picture, sound and game genre settings as well as enabling FreeSync Premium and G-SYNC support.

The full range of HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10 and HDR10+ and HDR10+ adaptive, remains in place as does Philips OLED TV’s unique anti-burn technology which uses an advanced logo detection function.

Philips announces OLED807 and 8807 The One TVs for 2022
Philips 77OLED807

Soundwise, the 807 features an upgraded, high-quality and more powerful 70W 2.1 sound system with a dedicated triple ring, rear-facing bass driver supported by four passive radiators.

Since the 807 uses DTS Play-Fi wireless technology, it can be part of a high-resolution, multi-room audio setup and will easily connect to a soundbar, additional rear speakers, subwoofers and other compatible products via an app. The 807 also has the option of using the TV's speakers as a dedicated centre channel when in a multi-speaker configuration.

Smart duties are handled by the latest Android 11 TV OS with both Google Assistant built-in – via push to talk on the remote – and Works with Alexa compatibility.

Most versions of the OLED807 feature a narrow metal silver chrome arch T-bar swivel stand with the only exception being the 77” model which adopts dark chrome ‘sticks’ style metal feet.

Included is a premium remote control with a silver metalised finish and backlit keys for easy operation in low light levels.

The One Performance Series 8807

Catering for TV consumers who want a high quality, fully featured TV but who don’t necessarily want to be exposed to all the technical jargon associated with high end TVs, is The One Performance Series TV.

The new 8807 4K DLED is the 2022 embodiment of this concept and combines a WCG, 120Hz LCD panel with the 5th Gen P5 picture processing engine and is available in 43-, 50- 55- 65-, 75-inch screen sizes, plus – for the first time in the Philips TV range – an 86-inch model.

Philips announces OLED807 and 8807 The One TVs for 2022
Philips The One 8807

There’s a minimalist design featuring a super-slim silver bezel on the sides and top to allow a more direct connection to the enhanced three-sided Ambilight system, while the larger screen sizes move from a slim, angled central stand to silver ‘sticks’ feet.

The 8807 adopts many features from the higher end models such as the OLED807 including: HLG, Dolby Vision and HDR10+ compatibility; Dolby Atmos support; VRR support for 4K up to 120Hz at a full bandwidth of 48Gbps; the new Game Bar; a 9ms input lag and AMD FreeSync Premium.

For those who might not be so concerned about full gaming features, The One also comes in a version with a 60Hz panel.

Philips announces OLED807 and 8807 The One TVs for 2022
Philips The One 8807 TV and The One B8507 soundbar

Sound quality is supplied with twin down-firing speakers and 20W system power and, like the OLED807, the implementation of DTS Play-Fi means the 8807 can integrate effortlessly into multi-room audio setups. Moreover, it too can use the TV’s onboard speakers as a dedicated centre channel when used with other Play-Fi compatible speakers.

In 2022, the concept of The One extends beyond just the TV with the introduction of the new multi-featured Philips The One B8507 3.1 Dolby Atmos soundbar which matches the design of the 8807 TV and can pair with wireless rear speakers and subwoofers for a fully immersive 5.1 channel experience.

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Image Source: TP Vision

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