Philips Ambilux TV projects images on to the wall

Ambilight on steroids

by hodg100 Sep 3, 2015 at 11:33 AM

  • Philips is taking their Ambilight technology to the next level with the release of their new AmbiLux TV, just launched at IFA.
    The TV is a 4k Ultra HD model, natch, and and introduces Ambilight projection technology, for the first time. Philips says this is the most significant development yet for the unique Ambilight system.

    The classic Philips Ambilight system uses rows of LEDs mounted on the rear of the set to create a coloured halo of light on the wall behind the TV. The colours can precisely match the on-screen content to create the impression of a larger image and to provide a more enjoyable viewing experience. The Ambilight projection technology now frees the actual images from the constraints of the set by using nine tiny pico-projectors, each precisely positioned on the rear of the AmbiLux TV. Intelligent overlap technology allows a projection of the onscreen image, motion and colour on to the rear wall surrounding the set.

    Whilst all that sounds a bit disconcerting, to us, taking the system beyond just films and TV to enhance the enjoyment of music might be a better application. The new Ambilight Music Mode provides a coloured halo of light that can follow and react to the dynamics of any music played through the TV, whether via a streaming service such as Spotify, USB or a music channel. Consumers can choose from a variety of colourful pre-sets or simply select the randomizing party mode.

    The 65inch Philips AmbiLux model will reach the shelves during the fourth quarter in Europe and Russia.

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