Philips 5321 is a 24-inch TV with Bluetooth Speaker


by hodg100 Oct 7, 2016 at 2:03 PM

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    Philips 5321 is a 24-inch TV with Bluetooth Speaker
    As a secondary solution for TV viewing, we think the new Philips 5231 could very well have some merit, especially in a room where you might also listen to music, be that the kitchen/diner, study and perhaps especially a kids’ bedroom
    The Philips 5231 is a - ignoring those TVs with a soundbar built-in/underneath - a fairly new all-in-one concept, combining a 24” TV, monitor and dedicated speaker in a sleek, white design that’s easy to move from room-to-room and with, says Philips, an emphasis on great images and superb sound. Designed with a modern, clean style the 5231 integrates a unique independent Bluetooth speaker with a Full HDTV.

    The speaker set is a 2.1 system (twin mid/high drivers and a dedicated subwoofer) combined with a 16W output – approximately twice that usually found on a small screen TV, which means you could hear it, even in larger rooms, although seeing it properly from the other side of the room may be more of an issue. .

    The 5321 features Philips’ ‘Digital Crystal Clear’ picture processing for, they claim, optimal contrast, colour and sharpness with crisp detail, high brightness and realistic colours.

    In addition to Bluetooth connectivity the set features two HDMI inputs or you can connect your USB memory stick, digital camera, mp3 player or other multimedia device to the USB port on the 5231 for photo, video and music media. It should be noted that there is no on-board tuner but the 5321 also sports Philips ‘Easylink’ system – their brand of HDMI CEC – so you might need only one remote control to perform most operations on your TV, DVD, Blu-ray set top box or home theatre system.

    The Philips 24PFS5231 will be available in October from Argos and Costco stores nationwide and with recommended selling price of £199.

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