Philips 2019 TV lineup: OLED 804 and 854 plus LCD 7304, 7504, 8804, 9104 and 6184

The curtain is fully pulled back to reveal …. a lot!

by Andy Bassett Jan 22, 2019 at 5:21 PM - Updated: Jan 23, 2019 at 11:07 AM

  • January 23rd 2019 - Philips have now announced their full 2019 TV line up at a launch event at the Schiphol Airport Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. AVForums were there to get all the details.
    There are more OLED models, a new more powerful 3rd generation P5 processor to boost PQ, more sets featuring sound by Bowers & Wilkins, plus Android Pie (9) coming to Philips Android TVs and Alexa built-in coming to Philips Saphi Smart TV platform, on top of that, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are included throughout more than 90% of the 2019 range.

    Update: 23rd January 2019
    The full lineup consists of two OLED models, the 804 and 854 plus 6 new LED LCDs which have adopted the DLED (Direct LED) moniker to indicate the fact that they are all directly backlight rather than edge lit. This type of direct backlighting is also known as FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) and these new DLED TVs use Micro Dimming Pro to independently control the brightness of 16 zones.

    The full LCD series are; the Georg Jenson designed 9104, the premium 8804, the Performance Series 7504 and 7304, the 6814 which has Amazon Alexa built in, and the Introductory Ambilight 6704 and 6754.

    All the TVs announced are 4K and will feature both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision as part of Philips support for dynamic metadata HDR (High Dynamic Range) - the 9104 appears to be the sole exclusion to this.
    This approach puts Philips on an equal footing with Panasonic and their GZ2000, which was announced at CES 2019 as the first TV to feature dual format dynamic HDR support.

    Both OLED and LCD models will benefit from the P5 Picture Perfect processing engine though the OLEDs will get a boost from a 3rd generation P5 chipset set to bring up to 20% more processing power, which should improve upon the previous, award winning 2nd gen iteration which featured in the Philips OLED903. This won the AVForums Best Picture Processing 2018 Award.

    On the audio front, Dolby Atmos will be supported and visually, Ambilight 3 will help create the most comfortable viewing conditions. Interacting with the TVs should be a hassle free user experience, with Android TV Pie (9) and Google Assistant both being on board. The ‘Works with Alexa’ badge has also been added to several of the TVs.

    The 8804 LED LCD model extends Philip’s relationship with UK speaker company Bower & Wilkins and becomes the first of the UHD LCD TVs to sport a B&W soundbar - rather like last year’s OLED903+ model. Other models also feature (non-B&W) soundbars for straight-out-of-the-box-audio.

    Philips was keen to emphasis the 7304 LED LCD Performance model as ‘The One’. Designed to be the TV that you would recommend to your family and friends as ‘the one TV to watch’, it is being pitched as a mid-range TV featuring flagship technology from its higher end siblings. It therefore boasts a wide range of screen sizes to suit any roomspace (and budget), Dolby Vision and HDR10+, Dolby Atmos, the P5 Picture Engine, Ambilight 3, Android TV and Google Assistant.

    Lets have a closer look at the wide range of models and their specification details below.

    Philips OLED TV 804/ 854
    55” 65”

    · Ultra Slim 4K OLED UHD TV.
    · 1000 Nit peak light output.
    · New more powerful 3rd Generation P5 Processor.
    · Improved Perfect Natural Reality contrast feature.
    · New Ultra-resolution Pro feature.
    · Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
    · HDR10+ and HLG compatibility.
    · 3-Sided Ambilight.
    · 50W - Philips 2.1 Sound System.
    · Android TV Pie (9) OS with Google Assistant built-in and ‘Works with Alexa’.
    · Premium minimalistic European design.
    · OLED804 – has chrome frame and ultra-slim metal feet.
    · OLED854 – has chrome frame and dark chrome swivel T-bar stand.

    Philips 9104 LCD – European design & craftsmanship with Georg Jensen.

    · Slim Black Bezel with a highly polished lower steel bezel strip and high polished blade feet, all crafted in
    timeless aesthetic design with Georg Jensen.
    · WCG Nano cell UHD Technology.
    · P5 Perfect Picture Processing Engine.
    · Micro Dimming Pro.
    · Perfect Nation Motion.
    · Ultra-resolution Pro feature.
    · HDR Premium.
    · HLG and HDR 10+.
    · 3-Sided Ambilight.
    · 2.1 Sound System (25W).
    · Android TV OS with Google Assistant and ‘Works with Alexa’.

    Philips 8804 Series – Premium LCD PQ and Sound
    50” 55” 65”

    · Ultra Slim 4K LED TV – WCG.
    · Sound by Bowers & Wilkins.
    · Premium Minimalist European Design.
    · Super narrow two tone metal Bezel with two forward facing drivers integrated into the lower Bezel. Finished
    in Kvadrat Speaker Cloth.
    · 3-Sided Ambilight.
    · P5 Perfect Picture Processing.
    · Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
    · Micro Dimming Pro.
    · HDR 10+ and HLG compatible.
    · 50W B&W 2.1 Sound System (sound configuration as OLED+ 903), DTS HD.
    · Android TV Pie (9) OS with Google Assistant built-in and ‘Works with Alexa’

    Philips 7504 Performance Series – high-quality mid-range Android LCD set with integrated sound base.
    50” 55”

    ·Slim-line 4K UHD DLED TV with slim Silver Bezel.
    ·3-Sided Ambilight.
    ·P5 Perfect Picture Processing.
    ·Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
    ·Micro Dimming Pro.
    ·HDR 10+ and HLG.
    ·25W Philips 2.1 Sound System with built in front firing speaker base, DTS HD.
    ·Android TV Pie (9) OS with Google Assistant built-in and ‘Works with Alexa’.
    Central silver metal (detachable) mono-foot stand with integrated sound base covered in premium Kvadrat speaker cloth.

    Philips 7304 Performance Series – New high-quality mid-range Android LCD sets
    43” 50” 55” 58” 65” 70”

    ·Slim 4K UHD DLED TV.
    ·3-Sided Ambilight.
    ·P5 Perfect Picture Processing.
    ·Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
    ·Micro Dimming Pro.
    ·HLG and HDR 10+ Compatible.
    ·Philips Sound System. 20W. with DTS HD.
    ·Android TV Pie (9) OS with Google Assistant built-in and ‘Works with Alexa’.
    Ultra-light sliver Bezel with Silver T- Bar swivel Stand – 65” & 70’ has silver blade stick feet.

    Philips 6814 – LCD with Amazon Alexa Built-in
    43” 50” 55” 65”

    · Ultra Slim 4K DLED TV.
    · 3-Sided Ambilight.
    · Philips Saphi Smart TV with Alexa Built-in.
    · Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
    · Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine.
    · HLG and HDR10+ Compatible.
    · 20W Philips Sound system.
    · Slim Silver Bezel with Swivelling (43” 50” and 55”) Sliver T-Bar Stand

    Philips 6704 /6754 – Introductory Ambilight LCD TVs
    43” 50” 55” 65” 70”

    · Ultra Slim 4K DLED TV.
    · 3-Sided Ambilight.
    · Philips Saphi Smart TV system.
    · Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
    · Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine.
    · HLG and HDR10+ Compatible
    · 20W Philips sound system.
    · 6704 has slim Black Bezel - gloss on front, matt on sides - and black blade feet.
    · 6754 has slim silver bezel with silver blade feet.

    It appears that Philips have concentrated on taking the core image processes and functionality required of a modern TV and made them accessible across their full range to ensure that a high quality viewing experience is guaranteed at any price point. Where the models create choice is in the implementation of design, audio configuration and stand type. Thus, the viewer’s own taste choices will not preclude them from benefiting from the the core viewing experience.

    Notably absent was any mention of an 8K model, either as a concept design or for the market. Philips reckon that 8K is still some way off and seem to be concentrating their efforts on optimising their 4K offerings. This fits in with their assertion that free to air 4K TV channels will be available within the next two years.

    The event broke out some interesting stats, among which was the fact that (in Europe) 60% of TVs sold were 4K, 55-inches was the most popular screen size, and that OLED only had 20% of the 65-inch market. This latter fact seems to indicate that OLED still has some way to go to catch up with LED LCD which clearly has still has plenty of life left in it.

    As such, Philips have certainly demonstrated an even handed approach to the two main TV technologies available to the market right now and regardless of your preferred screen type, it will still be backed up by the latest sound, vision and interface technologies currently available.

    All models announced will be for the European and non-US global markets in the first half of 2019.
    The 7304 ‘The One’ will be available in May 2019, no prices were available.

    The AVForums team is at the event and a full video with interviews and further details will follow soon.

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