Philips 2016 Fidelio Soundbars – one with Dolby Atmos

18 speaker drivers included

by hodg100 Jan 7, 2016 at 8:57 AM

  • Gibson Brands, the company now behind the Philips audio brand, has announced two new Fidelio soundbars at CES 2016.
    They offer different solutions to suit diverse TV and home cinema audio needs – including the first Philips Fidelio model to feature Dolby Atmos, following in the footsteps of Samsung who announced theirs earlier in the week.

    Where space is at a premium, the new ultra compact Philips Fidelio Compact Soundbar manages to combined a small footprint with wireless simplicity and, they say, a big, detailed sound to create a powerful home cinema audio experience. This stylish soundbar utilizes Microbeam technology, combining four high sensitivity, precision angled drivers with advanced digital sound processing for an immersive yet balanced sound that is wider than the product itself.

    The second new Fidelio soundbar introduced at CES 2016 is the Philips Fidelio Soundbar Speaker with Dolby Atmos, the first model in the range to feature the new immersive Dolby sound technology. Designed to in collaboration with Dolby Laboratories the 50mm thin soundbar features 18 drivers – including two up-firing speaker modules – and Dolby Atmos processing to recreate the most realistic and immerse cinema sound experience in the home.

    We await pricing and release details.

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