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Panasonic UK & European 2015 TV Line up revealed

HDR, 4K and Studio Master tech to the fore

by Mark Hodgkinson Feb 23, 2015 at 12:23 PM

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    Panasonic UK & European 2015 TV Line up revealed
    Panasonic has today unveiled its entire 2015 European range of 4K UHD LED VIERA TVs, they include the flagship 4K Pro CX800 series and curved CR850.
    Building on its heritage of audio visual R&D in Hollywood, Panasonic’s 2015 line-up promises to push the boundaries of image reproduction and showcases the company’s unique ability to deliver stunning 4K UHD pictures just as the directors intended.

    The 2015 line-up includes a variety of 4K UHD flat-panel models, headed up by the flagship CX800 series, a 1600Hz Backlight Motion Rate (BMR) 4K UHD LED TV available in 40-, 50-, 55- and 65-inch.

    The 2015 flat panel line-up also includes the CX750 series (1000Hz BMR, available in 43-, 49-, 55- and 60-inch), the CX700 series (800Hz BMR, available in 40-, 50-, 55-, and 65-inch), the CX680 series (200Hz BMR, available 40-, 50-, and 55-inch), and the CX400 series (the entry series, available in 40-, 48-, 55-, and 65-inch).

    The curved range is headed up by the flagship CR850 series, a 1600Hz BMR 4K UHD LED TV available in 55- and 65-inch with a stylish curved metal design. The range also includes the CR730 series, a 1000Hz 4K UHD LED TV available in 55- and 65-inch, and the CR430 series, a 400Hz BMR 4K UHD LED TV available in 55-inch.

    Central to the picture quality innovations in the flagship CR850 and CX800 series is the experience delivered with 4K Pro – an enhanced 4K experience that combines the professional-level processing power of Panasonic’s new 4K Studio Master Processor with super bright, Wide Colour Phosphor panels.

    Panasonic’s proprietary 4K Studio Master Processor has been designed from the ground up to produce pictures that are totally faithful to the director's vision. It draws on the huge resource of Panasonic’s picture processing knowhow accumulated from its reference-quality plasma TVs, its professional AV products, and Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory.

    The 2015 4K UHD VIERA TV line-up is packed technologies to maximise the quality of colour reproduction. The CR850 and CX800 series’ Wide Colour Phosphor panels let you experience more vibrant, nuanced and natural tones than you get with normal LCD screens. This is achieved with the new Wide Colour Phosphor Technology, which combines advanced LED backlighting with a new colour filter system to deliver up to 98% of the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) colour space.

    As contrast is also fundamental to outstanding picture quality, Panasonic has made sure that contrast is at the heart of its 2015 line-up. With Local Dimming Pro in the CR850 and CX800 series, contrast is improved independently by adjusting the brightness of separate segments of the LED lights, ranged either around the edge or behind the screen.

    Panasonic has also introduced two brightness-related innovations for its 2015 TV line-up. The CX800 and CR850 series feature a Super Bright Panel – a display that uses new, super-transmissive LCD cells – much greater brightness is achieved without a significant increase in power requirements. The CX750 series meanwhile incorporates a Super Bright IPS Panel.

    In addition, to counter the brightest parts of the image being lost during compression in the shooting process, Panasonic has introduced Dynamic Range Remaster in the CX800 and CR850 series. This system puts this information back without compromising colours, leaving pictures looking spectacularly vivid and dynamic.

    Alongside its new 4K UHD VIERA TV models, Panasonic has also unveiled three new Full HD series to complete its 2015 line-up. These are the CS600 Full HD LED TV series with up to 400Hz BMR, the CS500 Full HD LED TV series with up to 200Hz (BMR), and the C300 Full HD LED TV series with up to 400Hz Real Light Motion Rate (RMR)

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