Panasonic Pro EZ1000 4K OLED chosen for Cannes Film Festival

It's in the Cannes

by hodg100 May 19, 2017 at 6:34 PM

  • Panasonic has been chosen as the ‘Technical Partner’ of the Cannes Film Festival for its 70th anniversary gathering, which unsurprisingly takes place in Cannes, from the 17th to 28th of May.
    The partnership is an opportunity for Panasonic to present its EZ1000 / EZ1002 OLED 4K Pro HDR television to the world. Panasonic’s know-how and collaboration with the film community, forged through the Panasonic Hollywood Lab, will be highlighted during the Cannes Film Festival in Le Palais des Festival.

    Fine-tuned by Hollywood professionals to deliver picture quality true to the filmmakers' vision, the Studio Colour HCX2 4K processor has been refined to handle OLED technology’s exceptionally large colour gamut. The result is more precise color reproduction, especially in areas that are particularly difficult to reproduce such as dark shadows and bright highlights says Panasonic

    With the recently certified Ultra HD Premium and THX 4K-certified EZ1000, Panasonic says it has pushed the boundaries of television technology to deliver perfectly accurate pictures that more than ever before show precisely what the director intended.

    Eric Novel, Panasonic France Managing Director, said: “It’s a great honor to support the Cannes Film Festival. Panasonic’s ambition is to render the world of film its titles of nobility. Panasonic pushes the boundaries of television technology to bring you accurate pictures, that looks exactly as the film director intended. Based on Panasonic’s long heritage in Hollywood, the EZ1000 even carries several semi-professional features. That’s why our television screens will pay tribute to directors, technical teams and actors.”

    Top colourists, image scientists and engineers at Deluxe’s Company 3, EFILM, and Encore post-production companies worked with Panasonic to tune and test the 4K Pro EZ1002 and EZ952 OLED TVs. They have also approved the EZ1002 for use as a client reference monitor for colour grading sessions on blockbuster feature films and high-end television episodics across their facilities.

    Stefan Sonnenfeld, Chief Creative Officer of Deluxe and Founder of Company 3, said, “Colour has a latent power; its ability to evoke emotions that help filmmakers tell stories. If you aren’t seeing colour as it was intended, you aren’t getting the experience that was intended. Until now there hasn’t been an affordable way to present multiple formats consistently in a way that we can approve. The Panasonic EZ1002 TV is a major breakthrough, delivering consistently with the parameters and characteristics we see on professional-grade monitors that our colourists are referencing.”

    We can’t find a price for the 65-inch EZ1002 - nor the 75EZ1002 which launches in Autumn 2017 - but they won’t be in the reach of most budgets!

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