Panasonic HD605N headphones announced

Noise cancelling, wired and Bluetooth

by hodg100 Aug 29, 2018 at 2:44 PM

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    Panasonic HD605N headphones announced
    Panasonic is showcasing the latest addition to its wireless headphones range at IFA 2018.
    The new HD605N headphones include adaptive noise cancellation for and both Bluetooth and wired connections. Available in black or dark brown, the design features a 3D ball joint structure and memory foam 3D earpads for improved comfort.

    Panasonic’s HD605N headphones are equipped with three noise cancelling modes (low, medium, and high) that, they claim, create the perfect audio environment. A feedforward system positions the microphone outside the housing and a feedback system is arranged on the driver unit to be close to the eardrum. This unique system processes cancel signals to achieve the wideband noise cancellation performance.

    The headphones also have an Ambient Sound Enhancer, which lets in outside sound when you need it, e.g. if you need to say a few words in passing or waiting to listen for a flight announcement at the airport.

    Panasonic claims you get approximately 20 hours of continuous playback when noise cancelling is on. There’s also a Quick Charge feature meaning you need only 15 minutes charging time to enjoy 120 minutes of playback.

    The HD605N headphones feature a 40mm HD Driver Unit with MLF (Multi-Layer Film) diaphragm and an anti-vibration frame. They are designed to fit any user comfortably with the 3D Ball Joint Structure enabling the headphones to be adapted to the optimum positioning for all head and ear shapes. This is enhanced with a unique 3D Ear Pad crafted with low-resilience urethane foam that fits closely on the ear.

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