Panasonic DMR-BWT740 Blu-ray Player/Recorder Brings 4K Scaling

Also included are Multiroom TV Streaming and a 1TB Hard Drive

by hodg100
SRP: £599.00
Panasonic has announced the launch of the DMR-BWT740 Blu-ray Disc Recorder.
The BWT740 offers 4K scaling, Adaptive Chroma Processing and a Pure Sound Mode which restricts the movement during disc playback that can cause excess noise.

Thanks to Panasonic’s new Remote Recording Service, regardless of where you are in the world, providing you have internet access and a browser compatible device such as smartphone, tablet or PC, you can still programme the recorder via a web page or app on your smart device to record whatever you want.

This latest Blu-ray Disc Recorder is also capable of Long Time Archiving in HD Quality. With varying recording modes, the DMR-BWT740 can record up to 684 hours of content in HM recording mode, with auto encoding to H.264 for maximum storage time.
The DMR-BWT740 can record up to 684 hours of content in HM recording mode
The DMR-BWT740 allows you to view content from anywhere in your home via Multiroom TV Streaming. This allows you to wirelessly send a recorded programme or live broadcast to your smartphone or tablet for flexible viewing if you need to move away from your TV. For added convenience, recorded programmes and live broadcasts can be controlled using the DIGA Player App.

With Panasonic’s Miracast function, HD content can be mirrored from your Miracast compatible mobile device to your TV for shared viewing with the whole family, while intelligent Wi-Fi Direct technology allows the recorders to receive motion image content without even needing a Wi-Fi access point in the home.

The DMR-BWT740 also enables web browsing and access to internet apps and services, direct on your TV screen.

Michael Friedrich, Senior Manager Product Marketing, Home AV, said: “Regardless of whether content is recorded or viewed live, it should always be of exceptional quality and be available to view from any room in the home. Panasonic continues to develop Blu-ray Disc Recorders that deliver the ultimate entertainment experience to suit any member of the family’s viewing preferences whether that’s all together in the same room or on different devices in different rooms.”
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