Panasonic Announces DP-UB150 UHD Blu-ray Player

Entry level but still with HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos

by Andy Bassett Feb 20, 2019 at 3:22 PM

  • Panasonic officially unveiled the new DP UB150 UHD Blu-ray player at their Frankfurt press conference this week. So, what does this entry level model have to offer and what's missing compared to the rest of the range?
    Back in 2018, Panasonic’s flagship DP-UB9000 and more affordable DP-UB820 were well received by AVForums and elicited favourable reviews, winning Highly Recommended and Best Buy awards respectively.

    The DP-UB150 largely follows in their footsteps feature-wise but drops support for Dolby Vision in favour of HDR10+ HDR in order to keep the costs down. HDR10+ is an open and royalty free, dynamic metadata platform and Panasonic are keen to point out that this format is starting to get a foothold in the industry. Indeed, part of the announcement included a run down of some of the movies that are being released on 4K UHD Blu-ray which have HDR10+ as their HDR dynamic metadata of choice. This list will surely grow over the coming months.

    However, on the audio front, the UB150 matches the rest of the Pansonic UHD players and retains object-based audio in the form of Dolby Atmos, which allows the listener to fully immerse themselves in a movie soundtrack. In addition, the player is compatible with a range of high resolution audio formats so listeners users can enjoy music sources at the best possible quality.

    DP-UB150 Main Features: Image
    Ultra HD Blu-ray disc playback (4K/HDR)
    Supports HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology
    4K 60p/50p/4:4:4 output
    4K video / 4K JPEG playback
    Full HD 3D Blu-ray disc playback

    DP-UB150 Main Features: Sound
    High-Resolution Audio playback (DSD (11.2MHz/5.6MHz/2.8MHz),

    As with all of Panasonic’s UHD Blu-ray players, the UB150 supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) which has a wider, brighter dynamic range and produces improved image quality when viewed on an HDR compatible TV or projector. This improvement is applied as a global setting that has to take into account contrast and brightness differences from the darkest to the brightest scenes throughout the content.

    HDR10+ uses dynamic metadata contained in the HDR information to optimise brightness and contrast on a scene by scene basis, so each element of the film or show is seen in its most accurate state, supporting the filmmaker’s intended vision.

    Movie fans who have built up a library of 3D discs that they are in danger of not being able to view will be happy to hear there’s support for Full HD 3D movie playback.

    For home movie enthusiasts and keen photographers, 4K videos made in the MP4 format with a camera or camcorder can be played back on the UB150, and JPEG data can be output in 4K resolution.

    Matching the impressive image features is the inclusion of Dolby Atmos, which gives the listener a 3D surround sound stage by adding height channels to precisely place audio effects or the sounds of individual objects at or above ear level. Paired with a sound system that can decode Dolby Atmos, the result is a fully immersive audio experience.

    For music lovers, as well as playback of MP3/AAC/WMA formats, there’s support for high resolution audio playback and music files such as DSD (11.2MHz/5.6MHz/2.8 MHz) ALAC, FLAC, WAV and AIFF can be reproduced by simply connecting the UB150 to a home audio system.

    The Panasonic DP-UB150 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player will retail at £199.

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