Panasonic announce DX902 UltraHD Premium LED TV

Oh and the US gets an OLED TV too

by hodg100 Jan 5, 2016 at 6:30 PM

  • Panasonic has just delivered their Press Event at CES 2016 and although coverage of their video products was very scant, we have gained a couple of tidbits of interest.
    First and foremost, Panasonic has a new flagship 4K HDR LED TV in the DX900 – don’t be surprised to see it named the DX902 in the UK – which features the latest iteration of Panasonic’s Studio Master Panel.

    The DX900 carries the Ultra HD Alliance, Ultra HD Premium stamp of approval and has been billed as their most colour-accurate yet, thanks to the help of Hollywood colourist, Mike Sowa. Panasonic also says it’s the first 65-inch 4K LED TV to gain the Premium Ultra HD accreditation but that’s by the by, really, as it will be joined by several others at CES 2016.

    The DX900 also carries THX approval, which does make it more unique, but we’ll be honest in saying we know very little else about it, yet. There is an editors' event later this evening (05/01/16) where hopefully we’ll get to learn more.

    The other television reveal of the press event was the news that the US is finally going to get their hands on the CZ950 (CZ952) OLED TV but there was no indication that any all-new OLED TVs were planned for 2016 – let’s hope we’re wrong on that.

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