Panasonic 4K HDR TVs and UHD Blu-ray European Launch Details

New DX802 launched at European Convention

by hodg100 Feb 29, 2016 at 12:41 PM

  • Panasonic is currently running its European Convention out in Frankfurt – full show report coming from Phil and Steve – but here’s a little taster of their major announcements and roadmap for the UK in 2016.
    The stars of the show, naturally, have been the latest generation of Panasonic’s 4K Pro TVs with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology and, in particular, their excellent, flagship DX902 with its ‘Ultra HD Premium’ certification backed up by measurements in our review. The DX902 features a new, and very accurate, Studio Master HCX+ chipset and a new LCD panel with a honeycombed local dimming system with 512 independent zones. The new line-up also delivers HDR performance further down the range, with the DX802, DX750 and DX700 all capable.

    The DX802, although we expected it, was a new product launch and it boasts a very distinctive design, which might just divide opinions. The DX802 draws on input from some of Europe’s top furniture companies, architects, and designers and incorporates various ‘artistic’ touches. The VIERA DX802, available in 50 or 58-inch sizes, has a frame and pedestal stand intended to present the image like a work of art. We haven’t any real word on the technical low-down yet but Panasonic promises it will reproduce picture quality, contrast and colour just as the director intended so we can’t wait to get a look.

    As a quick run-down of the line-up, it is headed by the DX902 series, a 3000Hz Backlight Motion Rate (BMR) 4K UHD LED TV available in 58- and 65-inch. The 2016 flat panel line-up also includes the high-end DX802 series (2000Hz BMR, available in 50- and 58-inch), the DX750 series (1800Hz BMR, available in 50-, 58-, and 65-inch), the DX700 series (1400Hz BMR, available 40-, 50-, and 58-inch), the DX650 series (1000Hz BMR, available in 40-, 49-, and 55-inch) and the DX600 series (800Hz BMR, available in 40-, 49-, and 55-inch).
    Panasonic TX-65DX902B
    Panasonic also had the new UB900 Ultra HD Blu-ray disc Player to show off, which is set to launch early in 2016. The UB900 uses proprietary chroma and gradation processing which have been fostered and refined by Panasonic’s Hollywood Laboratory to ensure that every last detail and tonal nuance a filmmaker wanted you to see makes it on to your TV.

    The UB900 also doesn’t compromise where sound quality is concerned, using hi-fi-quality components, separating out the video and audio handling, and supporting such high-resolution audio formats as DSD and ALAC on top of the more typical WAV/FLAC/MP3/AAC/WMA formats.

    In other news, it was no surprise to see the headline-grabbing, Technics SL1200 Turntable getting plenty of attention and they were also keen to promote their multiroom/lifestyle, ‘ ALL Connected’ audio range. There are four new additions– SC-ALL05, SC-ALL7CD, SC-ALL9, and the SC-ALL6 and all offer WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, with the SC-ALL7CD also incorporating USB, CD and DAB/FM radio functionality.

    As we said at the top, stay tuned for more articles, news and videos from the AVForums team, on the ground, coming soon.

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