Panasonic 2018 LED LCD TV Line-up revealed

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by hodg100 Feb 13, 2018 at 1:50 PM

  • Panasonic has officially unveiled its 2018 UK and European line-up of 4K LED televisions, featuring improved performance and advances in design.
    Panasonic’s new flagship LED TVs, the FX750 and FX740 series, boast ‘Art & Interior’ frames that take their design cues from the company’s recently announced FZ950 and FZ800 OLED models. Completing the 4K LED line-up are two further series – the FX600 and FX700 – that also feature premium materials and improved aesthetics.

    All 2018 models have HDR-Multi support, which includes HDR10, HLG and the new HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology. They are also able to stream several hundred hours of the Amazon Prime Video library in HDR10+. The Prime Video HDR10+ catalogue includes hundreds of hours of content such as Prime Originals The Grand Tour, Golden Globe-nominated The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Tick and The Man in the High Castle plus hundreds of licensed titles.

    Panasonic will issue a firmware update to all 2018 4K OLED and LCD models delivering compatibility with popular voice assistants. Users will be able to use their voice via a compatible smart speaker to control them.

    The lineup of 4K LED televisions comprises of four ranges, led by the 75-inch flagship FX750. Other ranges, which all max out at 65-inches, are the high-end FX740, intermediate FX700 and entry-level FX600.

    Across the board, 4K HDR quality has been improved thanks to further refinement of Panasonic’s video processing. This includes for specific models Digitally Enhanced Local Dimming of the LED backlight, which now combines backlight control with signal processing control so that the TV’s brightness can be fine-tuned in hundreds of areas across the screen. And with a 20 per cent increase in maximum brightness levels across the range, the result is Panasonic’s most refined expression of contrast ever seen on an LED screen.

    All FX740 and FX750 models feature a 360° design that conceals all visual clutter, with a small enclosure that hides the set’s connections and blends in with the screen’s all-glass exterior. Even the FX700 range, which is 20 per cent thinner than last year and is formed of premium metal, offers a significant aesthetic improvement. For select screen sizes, the FX700 and FX600 have a ‘Switch Design’, which allows the user to adjust the stand to be set to the full width of the TV or used in a narrower setting, according to the width of the table top or cabinet in the home.

    The 2018 LED screens features a 4K Game Mode with Panasonic’s quickest-ever response time, which ensures 4K HDR gamers enjoy the most engrossing experience ever.

    The FX750 represents the pinnacle of 4K HDR on an LED screen, for Panasonic and sports the same Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) processor as Panasonic’s 2018 OLED screens and a 4K HDR Pro Cinema Display panel, plus Wide Colour Spectrum. Local Dimming Pro, and a refresh rate double that of the FX740. White balance has also been improved, resulting in more accurate colours, thanks to the control exerted by the HCX processor. The processor itself was made possible by the distillation of decades of colour, black level and brightness optimisation learned from Panasonic’s reference-quality plasma TVs and professional broadcast equipment division to help deliver picture quality that’s true to the filmmakers' visions

    The intermediate FX740 boasts the same Art & Interior 360° all-glass design as the FX750 and like the flagship model, it also features Wide Colour Spectrum, Local Dimming, HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology and is 20 per cent brighter than last year. What’s more, its 4K HDR Cinema Display is blessed with an HDR Brightness Enhancer, a new Virtual Look Up Table and Digitally Enhanced Local Dimming for more refined control of the backlight. In the UK, the FX740 will be offered as a Curry’s exclusive model.

    The FX700 offers many of the benefits of the FX740, including Local Dimming, HDR Brightness Enhancer, Wide Colour Spectrum, a Virtual Look Up Table and the same bigger, 20 per cent brighter 4K HDR Cinema Display panels. The main differences between the FX740 and FX700 are cosmetic, but the FX700 nonetheless represents a significant improvement on previous models with a new Slim Edge Metal Frame that’s honed using premium materials. It also features an adjustable ‘Switch Design’ stand that allows the feet to be positioned at either the full width of the screen or closer together, according to the user’s preference.

    The FX600 entry-level screens include Adaptive Backlight Dimming Plus and a Virtual Look Up Table, which combine to increase the control and finesse of the FX600’s HDR colours. The majority of screens sizes feature the same adjustable ‘Switch Design’ stand as the FX700 range.

    We’ll update with pricing and availability details when we have them.

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