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Panasonic 2015 UK & European Soundbar & Speakerboard Line up

The most 'connectable' yet

by Mark Hodgkinson Feb 23, 2015

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    Panasonic 2015 UK & European Soundbar & Speakerboard Line up
    In addition to the new speakers, Panasonic has today unveiled a selection of new ALLConnected soundbars and speakerboards at their European Convention.
    There are four new Sound Bars and two Speakerboards, in total. The SC-ALL70T Sound Bar and SC-ALL30T Speakerboard also provide a wireless networking functionality allowing you to connect to other speakers of the Panasonic ALL-connected audio system, so you can share your favourite songs and soundtracks with numerous networked speakers around the house. Alternatively, you can also pair them with Panasonic’s new SC-ALL2 speakers to create the ultimate wireless 5.1ch surround sound.

    Panasonic has used its years of experience in audio technology and speaker design to ensure its new series of Sound Bars (SC-HTB885, SC-HTB690, SC-HTB485 and SC-ALL70T) and Speakerboards (SC-ALL30T and SC-HTE200) get the most out of any audio source. The speakers found in each of the new devices have been shaped to suppress distortions and feature diaphragms designed to enhance bass as well as provide crisp and clear results at the highest frequencies. Each of the new Sound Bars is also accompanied by a wireless, down-firing subwoofer.

    The new range of Sound Bars and Speakerboards also provide a variety of multi-channel speaker set-ups. The SC-HTB885 boasts five integrated speakers and a Clear Dialogue mode to deliver clear and powerful surround sound that makes voices appear like they’re coming from the centre of the screen. This 5.1ch set-up is supported by a 2nd-generation LincsD-Amp designed to eliminate the jitter and distortions usually associated with digital sound playback, providing crystal clear results every time.

    The SC-ALL30T and SC-HTE200 Speakerboards feature a Long Aero Stream Port and Dual Integrated Subwoofer for deep and dynamic bass reproduction without the need for a separate speaker. The feature solves the traditional problem of how to get powerful bass out of a compact speaker by incorporating two subwoofers and a pair of innovative ports that give bass sound waves more space to move.

    In addition to Bluetooth connectivity as standard, the ALL-connected audio Sound Bar (SC-ALL70T) and Speakerboard (SC-ALL30T) take things a step further with wireless, multi-room audio functionality. Simply connect either device to other ALL-connected audio speakers around the home via the Panasonic Music Streaming app and share the output from the TV with friends and family. Alternatively, you can pair your TV audio with two SC-ALL2 speakers to create a 5.1ch wireless surround sound experience.

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