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Optoma next generation HD91+ Projector Launched

Increased contrast, brightness and colour accuracy but a reduction in rainbow effect

by Mark Hodgkinson May 27, 2015 at 11:05 AM

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    Optoma next generation HD91+ Projector Launched
    The next generation of Optoma’s very impressive HD91 LED home cinema projector, the HD91+, has just been unveiled.
    The new HD91+ sports the same design as the HD91 and uses the same LED technology but it promises to be even better than its predecessor with higher brightness and contrast levels.

    Justin Halls, Head of Product Marketing at Optoma, said: “The feedback received for the HD91 and its shorter throw version, the HD90, has been excellent so we’re excited to unveil the next evolution of our LED home cinema projectors.”

    Optoma promises a 600,000:1 contrast ratio, increased brightness of 1,300 lumens at 1080p Full HD. Powered by three LEDs, the HD91+ delivers a ‘wide colour gamut’, improved colour saturation and enhanced brightness using separate red, blue and green LEDs.

    The LED illumination in the HD91+ provides consistent brightness and colour performance to maintain its out-of-the-box image quality throughout its lifetime, which is quoted at 20,000 hours, with a five year guarantee.

    The HD91+ contains a number of features not usually seen in a home projector at this price point, including: full lens shift (Vertical: +/- 60, Horizontal: +/-10%); a full CMS for calibration precision: the HD91+ comes equipped with an advanced colour management system, giving flexibility to choose between five preset colour gamuts (Native, Adobe, DLP-C, HDTV and SMPTE-C), six colour temperatures (D50, D65, D83, D93 and Native) or alternatively, to fine tune intensity and x/y co-ordinates of primary and secondary colours for ‘ultimate’ accuracy.

    The Dynamic Black feature uses ultra-fast LED switching times to dynamically adjust brightness frame-by-frame to produce deeper blacks and we’ll definitely be checking that out.

    The projector utilises DLP technology, which provides great motion handling and 3D, with Optoma claiming they’ve made improvements here as well. If, as they claim, they have reduced rainbow and crosstalk artefacts to virtually zero levels, that would certainly be some achievement.

    The HD91+ is available now at a suggested price of £3,499.99.

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