Optoma Announces Portable 4K Projector With Amazon Alexa

Alexa taking over the world?

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 18, 2018 at 11:35 AM

  • Optoma has several 4K HDR home cinema projectors and has now announced a portable option to add to the stable.
    The UHL55 has both 4K and HDR playback and features two HDMI 2.0 inputs.

    The device also has support for Alexa voice control. However, unlike some devices, this relies on a user having an existing Amazon Echo device. The device can also stream music over Bluetooth.

    There is a built-in, proprietary app store to enable access to the likes of Netflix, YouTube and Spotify.

    The UHL55 utilises LED DLP technologies and Optoma claims this can deliver 118 per cent of the Rec.709 colour spectrum. The projector can output 2,000 lumens, which the company claims is twice the perceived brightness of an ‘equivalent’ lamp-based projector. The nature of LED lights means that, unlike traditional bulbs, the projector's light output does not degrade as quickly. LED technology also means less heat is produced, compared to other bulb based light sources. Supposedly, this enables the light source to last up to 30,000 hours.

    The UHL55 features both autofocus and auto keystone controls. Which should help when moving the projector around, as it will keep set-up quick and simple. The device can project from 30 to 200 inches. Quite a sizable display.

    The projector has built-in stereo speakers, 8W each, which will help with its portable nature. It is also capable of decoding Dolby 5.1. In addition, the Bluetooth functionality allows for external speakers or headphones to be paired. For those who want to connect to an AV receiver, the UHL55 features a single S/PDIF output. The device can also display 3D media.

    Alexa integration allows for control of the projector using just voice. A user can turn the projector on or off, adjust volume, or switch inputs with just vocal commands.

    Traditionally, projectors can struggle to produce the same levels of HDR vs a TV. Additionally, a projector cannot produce the same inky blacks of an OLED TV. Nevertheless, where projectors really shine is the size of the image that can be produced. You simply can't buy a TV of 200” or more.

    The Optoma UHL55 will be available for £1,500.

    Does this new projector's combination of 4K, HDR and price make it a winner? Or are users better off spending £1500 on an OLED TV?

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