Onkyo launch new stereo and affordable 4K AV receivers

Three new products launched ahead of IFA 2015

by Mark Hodgkinson Sep 2, 2015 at 9:17 AM

  • Onkyo is set to release two new network stereo receivers together with a budget Ultra HD compatible 5.1 channel AV receiver.
    Features abound in the new 2 x 135 watts per channel TX-8150 and 2 x 110 watts per channel TX-8130 Hi-Res network stereo receivers with both built around Onkyo’s fully discrete high-instantaneous-current amplification system. Backed by a high-output ‘massive’ transformer and custom audio-grade capacitors, the amp system also prevents phase shifting for precise stereo imaging.

    A premium 384 kHz/32-bit Asahi Kasei DAC decodes any digital source, be it wireless (TX-8150) or wired (TX-8130) 192/24 FLAC or DSD 5.6 MHz audio over the home network or sound from a flat-panel TV via four and two digital inputs respectively. There are a total of seven analogue inputs on both receivers, including turntable phono input, as well as a USB port for music via flash memory drive.

    Another layer of entertainment comes with onboard Deezer, TuneIn, and Spotify Connect internet services with song selection available via a free remote app that also controls playback of music libraries stored on PC or media server.

    As a Wi-Fi-enabled device, the TX-8150 includes AirPlay to support wireless streaming from iTunes and other apps such as YouTube; DAB+ digital radio tuning; and Bluetooth for streaming of essentially any audio from mobile devices.

    Both models have radio tuning with 40-preset memory, while four broadcast or internet radio stations can be stored in a Quick Access BGM memory function. Similarly, the receivers power up automatically when a digital signal is detected, meaning there’s no extra buttons to push to enjoy amplified TV sound.

    As part of Onkyo’s Pure Audio Component range, both products feature a rigid anti-vibration oval chassis, quality banana-plug-compatible speaker posts (with A/B drive), independent bass, treble, and balance controls, Direct Mode, and for the TX-8150, gold-plated audio terminals.

    The TX-8150 will come in black or silver at a recommended price of £549 upon its release in September 2015, whilst the TX-8130 will cost £449.

    Onkyo’s all-new 2 x 100 watts per channel TX-SR252 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver is intended to make buyers considering soundbars think again and consider investing, instead, in an authentic home cinema system, for three reasons: fully discrete 5.1-channel amplification; neater installation via a single cable; and smooth, convenient operation for people of any age.

    All four of the latest spec HDMI inputs and one output are 4K/60 Hz/HDCP 2.2 compliant and the receiver can decode lossless studio-quality Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats.

    Furthermore, signals from the two composite video inputs are upconverted via HDMI, allowing the receiver and any of up to six game consoles, BD players, media streamers, and VCRs to be hidden in an entertainment unit, with all video fed to the display via a single cable..

    The TX-SR252 also caters to music lovers with two digital audio inputs for a streamer or CD player, three analogue audio inputs, and a USB input for playback of the most popular compressed formats stored on a flash drive. An FM/AM tuner with 30 memory presets is also included.

    The TX-SR252 will come in black, only, and will be priced at a very reasonable £199 upon release in October 2015.

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