OnePlus TV could include an OLED model

OnePlus TV aiming high with OLED?

by Andy Bassett Aug 12, 2019 at 1:50 PM

  • After Huawei’s entry into the smart TV market with the recently launched Honor Vision, OnePlus looks to be gearing up to unveil something not too dissimilar, except in one regard - their TVs might include an OLED version.
    In September 2018, OnePlus’s CEO and co-founder, Pete Lau revealed his intention to expand and diversify into the television sector and now reveals that, almost exactly a year later, his company will be ready to launch their debut TV products between the 25th and 30th September, with sources indicating that the 26th is currently the most likely date.

    Moreover, these sources are also reported as saying that ‘OnePlus might launch an OLED TV as well’. This would be an interesting move and one that is distinct from the Honor Vision models which are all reported as LED screens.

    The increased costs of manufacturing OLED panels follows through into a consumer product that attracts a premium price and, if true, a OnePlus OLED TV might be seen as targeting a different market to the rest of its range.

    The information made available by the recent Bluetooth SIG certification has all but confirmed the screen sizes include 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch models and that they are variably available for the India, China and US markets. The India market could be at the heart of the upcoming launch as Indian BIS certification has been seen spied amongst the paperwork details.

    Supporting documents also indicate that China’s TPV Display Technologies, known for TFT LCD monitors, are involved in the panel production for at least one of the models, thus if a model with an OLED display is to be featured, the panel would have to be sourced elsewhere.

    Pete Lau has already indicated that OnePlus’s aim is to provide a more connected TV experience by integrating with smartphones and smart devices throughout the home to provide an emphasis on connectivity and this is very similar to the approach taken by Huawei’s recently launched Honor Vision - an OLED option could help make the OnePlus TVs distinct from the competition.

    On top of that, OnePlus promises a ‘unique’ Android experience, AI-powered voice assistant - though there’s no word whether it will be Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa or an in-house solution, or all three - plus the specs to match competing TVs with regards to the audio and visual experience.

    Nonetheless, with two companies best known for smartphones now moving into the television segment, could this be a new subsection of the TV market? Perhaps a move away from solely a pristine home cinema experience to one that, whilst certainly not forgoing a high quality audio and video experience, features it as but one facet of a central information, communication and entertainment hub for the home.

    Do AVForums members think that OnePlus’s move is a ‘smart’ one? Is there a section of the market for whom a range of connectivity features equals the requirement for a decent picture and sound? Let us know what you think.

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