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by hodg100 Sep 28, 2015 at 9:29 AM

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    One For All Remote adds Bluetooth
    As people continue to embrace Bluetooth products, the trend for wireless gadgets is set to grow – whether that’s home security systems or even TVs.
    As an answer to that, One for All’s new flagship remote control packs in just that capability and the manufacturer says the URC 7980 is perfect for people who want a universal remote, but might shy away from a complicated set up. One For All has tackled this with a Bluetooth Smart operated easy-to-use app, for either Android smartphones or iPhone 4S (and later) models, allowing you to set up your devices in less than 30 seconds with just three simple steps – or you can still use One For All’s SimpleSet system.

    The new Smart Control remote also does the thinking for you with its new ’Smart activities’ function that controls all of your AV equipment, including its macro function where it performs several commands in a sequence (turn on x, change y and play z) to allow you to watch a movie, for example. It also has a ‘learning’ function incorporated to ensure 100% compatibility with all your AV equipment.

    The remote controls up to eight devices including your TV, satellite, DVD, amplifier, media player, games consoles and so on. And there’s a new ultra-wide angle Infra- Red feature that’s designed to ensure you can't 'miss’ the TV even if you’re tired or after a few beers or glasses of wine.

    The remote has 13 icons for individual devices and activities are backlit in pure white, so it’s easy to use in the dark and should you lose it, it even has a new ‘find my remote’ buzzer, operated through the mobile app, to tell you where it is.

    The new One For All Smart Control URC 7980 is compatible with more than 7,000 brands and 335,000 models and boats a ‘year long’ battery life and it even has an in-built soundbar specific SimpleSet recognising the growing trend in soundbar popularity. All this is yours for £39.99.

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