No Samsung OLED TVs in the ‘foreseeable future’


by hodg100 May 4, 2016 at 1:21 PM

  • Samsung has restated their position on the production of OLED TVs, with the confirmation the company will definitely not be releasing one in 2017 and nor is it a consideration for a ‘future direction.’
    This slightly depressing news came courtesy of the company’s television chief, Kim Hyun-seok in a discussion with Korean journalists at Samsung HQ in South Korea; it effectively leaves Samsung’s biggest rivals in the sector, LG, without serious competition in the OLED market for the foreseeable future.

    I have always said it would take two to three years to consider OLED TV. But now when little progress has been made on its tricky production and high costs since our suspension back in 2013, I wouldn’t say OLED is our future direction,” said Hyun-seok in, reportedly, bullish fashion.

    The exec went on reaffirm Samsung’s commitment to Quantum Dot technology, currently deployed in the company’s range of SUHD TVs to help them produce the wider colour gamuts necessary for UHDA premium status and to get closer to the Rec.2020 colour gamut specified in the Ultra HD Blu-ray standard.

    It is also likely that new technology like quantum dot could progress faster than OLED,” he said

    He was probably specifically referring to QDs ability to produce wider colour gamuts, here, as there’s no current indication the technology can help LED/LCD match the contrast and black levels that OLED TVs can reach.

    Kim ended the conference in confident mood by saying: “Starting this year, the quantum dot TVs are being launched globally. We will become the No. 1 TV maker for the 11th consecutive year,” and we guess you can’t argue with the bottom line even if we’d love to see Samsung give OLED another shot.

    Source: Korea Herald

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