New Sonos Amp available from Feb 12th

Sonos (r)Amp it up.

by Andy Bassett Feb 6, 2019 at 10:01 AM

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    New Sonos Amp available from Feb 12th
    Announced at IFA back in Aug 2018, the latest Sonos Amp is available for pre-order now.
    Replacing the Sonos Connect:Amp (itself previously called the ZP120), European deliveries of the new Sonos Amp are expected from February 12th. Already available in the States, the Sonos amp will have a UK price of £599, which is a £100 step up from its predecessor.
    Designed to be the audio centre point of your Hi-Fi or home cinema set up, the Sonos Amp can link together your legacy Hi-Fi equipment and TV into a package that works with smart speakers and soundbars, ideal for anyone looking to corral their disparate audio purchases into a coherent multiroom ecosystem.

    It improves upon the Connect:Amp by doubling the power to 125 watts per channel in order to tame more demanding speakers, of which four can now be powered, rather than just two.

    Connectivity sees Apple AirPlay 2 support, meaning you can stream from your iPhone to any connected speaker and, of course, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal are among the over 100 streaming services which are supported by Sonos.
    Physical connections are capable of supporting two line-in sources and include stereo RCA inputs for attaching another audio source, such as your old turntable, while the HDMI input can connect to your TV. There’s also a subwoofer line out which allows manual adjustment of the crossover frequency.

    The HDMI-ARC module is the same as the one featured in the Sonos Beam so as well as driving a pair of Play:1s as front left and right speakers, you can use the Sonos Amp to drive a surround sound system by bonding it to a Beam, Playbar or Playbase and add Sonos Ones as rear speakers.
    Outputs to the speakers are via removable speaker terminals meaning you can you remove them like an RCA plug, install your speaker wiring, and then pop them back in. Clearly, Sonos are looking to tick all the ‘ease of use’ boxes.

    Although functioning as a wireless system, there are also two ethernet sockets for ultimate reliability.

    Control comes in a variety of forms including the Sonos app via Android and iOS mobile devices, your TV remote control can also play a part thanks to HDMI-CEC and there’s voice control courtesy of Amazon Echo and Alexa enabled devices.

    The Sonos Amp comes in matt black, is currently available in the US for $599 and will be available from the 12th Feb in Europe for £599, €699

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