New Audi TT to feature hi-tech Virtual Cockpit

Sat Nav, Counters, Media Info and Detailed Car Adjustments now in all one place

by Mark Hodgkinson Mar 5, 2014 at 4:21 PM

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    New Audi TT to feature hi-tech Virtual Cockpit
    The newly revealed Audi TT and Audi TTS are perhaps as interesting for what’s inside as their outward appearance.
    Whilst the chassis design is quite a departure from what went before with sharper lines and a beefier profile, it’s the new Virtual Cockpit that has piqued our interest.

    The redesigned dash now moves all of the media and navigation systems to just behind the steering wheel on to a fairly large screen.

    The Speedo and Rev counters will have the ability to be changed in size, according to preference, by selecting one of three modes.

    Classic Mode will make the counters the same size, the Infotainment mode will shrink them both down to give priority to media and map info whist the Sport mode enhances the size and prominence of the dials.

    The display will be able to show anything including in-depth car settings and the sat nav, as well as allowing you to make adjustments to the profile of the Audi TT’s Matrix LED Headlights.

    System control can either be taken care of by a new wheel-mounted control panel or a more routine MMI interface below the gear stick

    There's no official word on launch dates or pricing as yet but do these kind of in-car advances float your boat?

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