New Apple MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro

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by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 30, 2018 at 3:32 PM

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    New Apple MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro
    Apple's event shows off the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini

    MacBook Air

    The new Air has a Retina display that goes right to the edge of the enclosure and features a 13.3-inch display, with four times the resolution and over 4 million pixels. It has two Thunderbolt 3 ports. There's support for up to 1.5TB SSDs too and the CPU is now 8th generation. There are improved butterfly keys, which Apple claim are four times better, and a TouchPad that is 20% larger for gesture control.

    The company claims that the new Air features 13 hours of iTunes movie playback. However, note the ‘iTunes’ distinction here. No word on Netflix playback.

    The new MacBook Air’s volume is 17% smaller, compared to the last generation. And it's 10% thinner, at 15.6mm.

    The new device has TouchID along with better Force Touch trackpad and better backlit keys. Apple claim that every MacBook Air will be made from 100% recycled aluminium and is re-engineered down to the atomic level.

    Apple say that the speakers are 25% louder and they have improved 2X bass. The laptop also has a three microphone array, to make improvements to Siri.

    It'll come with 8GB of memory, and will start at $1199. You'll be able to order it today and it'll be on the shelves from November 7th 2018.

    Mac Mini

    Now redesigned in Space Gray, every Mac Mini will have SSD storage up to 2TB, the T2 chip and a new thermal management system. Unlike the new MacBook Air, this device has plenty of legacy ports. There is one Ethernet, four Thunderbolt 3, two USB. The device also has a 3.5mm audio out!

    The device specs start at 8Gb of RAM, but this can go up to 64Gb - using 2666MHz SO-DIMMs. The device can also be kitted out with a 6-core i7. But the base model starts with 4 cores.

    It features the 8th generation Intel CPUs. This means 60% faster graphics performance, making it five times faster than before. It can also be configured to work on 10Gb networks and its small footprint suits creative, mobile use at movie sets, music concerts and art installations.

    Again, the use of 100% recycled aluminium reduces the Mac Mini's footprint by up to 50%.

    It'll be available to order today and the Mac Mini release date is November 7th 2018 and costs $799 US.

    iPad Pro:

    There's 25% less volume than its predecessor. The new devices has a new camera on the back and the front. This allows for Face ID, which has been now added. The screen is LCD, with 'Liquid Retina' display tech, and Apple have rounded the edges for the new model plus there's a narrower bezel design.

    There's a new size on offer too. The old 10.5-inch screen is gone, replaced by an 11-inch version in the same footprint. There's a new Apple Pencil that's been redesigned, so it attaches magnetically and charges wirelessly.

    If users double tap the screen it'll open straight into Notes, and you can tap the Pencil to switch modes. There's also a new Smart Keyboard Folio. The new design protects the front and back and has two tilts. One for your lap or one for desktop use.

    One of the most notable changes is the removal of the Lightning Port and the addition of a USB C port. Storage options cap out at 1TB storage capacity. This is a real notebook competitor in Apple's eyes. It supports charging out, too, which means users can charge an iPhone with it.

    According to Apple, the multicore processes are 90% faster than previous iPad Pros, and 35% faster in terms of a single core. Apple have made a huge claim that the graphics at least match those of an Xbox One S and are apparently are 1000 times faster than the original iPad managed all those years ago, quite remarkable considering the iPad Pro is 95% smaller than Microsoft's games console. They also claim that it has all day battery life.

    The bad news is that the headphone jack looks to have been killed off, though this was not announced at the presentation.

    Both screen sizes are available in LTE and non-LTE versions and in storage configurations of 64GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

    The 11-inch version starts at $799 for the base model and the 12.9" version starts at $999. You can order from today and buy them from November 7th 2018.

    Finally, Adobe demonstrated the full potential of the full-fat version of Photoshop on the iPad Pro, easily moving a large 3Gb file around with no problem. Their AR project, Arrow, showed some truly impressive real-time rendering. Really finally, iOS 12.1 was announced (available now) and features Group FaceTime for up to 32 participants (if you have that many friends) and 70 new emojis - presumably 69 of which can be used to show how excited you are for these new Apple products!

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