New 4K HDR Now TV box released with Netflix support

Now TV aiming to take over your living room with Netflix, 4K and HDR.

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Sep 26, 2018 at 5:01 PM

  • Earlier this month Sky and Netflix agreed to team up and fully integrate Netflix into the Sky Q interface. Now TV, part of Sky, is now adding Netflix to their new Now TV Box, as well as all other existing Now TV boxes.
    So, if all the previous Now TV boxes have Netflix why would you pony up the £45.99 for the new box? Quite simply, image quality - the new Now TV box offers 4K resolution. All other Now TV boxes have been limited to HD. The new box also supports HDR and video at 60fps as well as voice searching. To be frank the box looks a lot like Roku’s most recent 4K boxes, which have been released in the US but not the UK and that is because the box is a rebadged Roku.

    To be honest, it's irritating that Roku won't release their newest units in the UK. Whilst the specs for the Now TV box might be the same as the Roku player, the software is different. The key selling point of a Roku box is that the system is open to anyone who wants to add a player to the device. This means no compromise on the content you can watch.

    Sky NOW TV Box

    However, the Now TV software still doesn't have many popular players, such as Amazon Prime. This is to ensure that Now TV Box users are locked into Sky’s content. This would be fine if we had the choice to buy the full Roku box, but we don't. While the Now TV box definitely has a place in the market it’s disappointing that the only way to get the latest Roku Box is by purchasing a more limited version from Sky.

    On the plus side, the Now box still offers microSD expansion, volume and power controls on the remote. There is a 'night mode' that reduces the volume of loud noises for late night movie watching. Additionally Now TV's premium channels offer the option to pause live TV.

    The box can be purchased from the Now TV website, and paying an extra £5 gets you a month's access to Entertainment, Sky Kids, or Sky Cinema, or a day's access to Sky Sports.

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