Netflix Ultra Membership threatens an 'HDR Tax'

How much would you pay for HDR?

by hodg100 Jul 4, 2018 at 3:49 PM

  • Netflix Italy is apparently about to launch a new ‘Ultra’ membership tier which, among other things, could give its subscribers exclusive access to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.
    The new Ultra subscription, according to Italian blog Tutto Android, would be offered in addition to the existing Premium tier which would still offer 4K Ultra HD but no HDR. The Premium subscription, if the screenshots are to be believed, would also see a reduction in the number of simultaneous streams available - from four down to two.

    The new pricing structure for Italian Netflix subscribers would become thus: €7.99 for Basic; €9.99 for Standard; €13.99 for Premium and €16.99 for Ultra. Extrapolating that to the current UK price model of Basic £5.99, Standard £7.99 and Premium at £9.99, you would expect an equivalent UK Ultra price of either £11.99 or £12.99. Given previous Netflix price increase, we’d expect £11.99 as the most likely candidate.

    Netflix also has a history of ‘grandfathering’ existing top-tier subscribers by guaranteeing their existing pricing for a set amount of time and it wouldn’t surprise us were that to happen in the event the Ultra model is given a wider launch.

    It is inevitable, if it were to happen, that there will be a backlash from subscribers and it would be easy to argue that Netflix would be exploiting its position as one of the major sources of HDR content while, you would imagine, Netflix would counter with the argument that it needs more investment to produce it.

    Would you be willing to pay an ‘HDR tax’ or would you reconsider your Netflix subscription?

    Source: Tutto Android

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