Netflix drops Airplay support

AirPlay no longer flies with Netflix.

by Andy Bassett Apr 8, 2019 at 3:35 PM

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    Netflix drops Airplay support
    Netflix has announced that it will no longer support Apple AirPlay. This seems unduly harsh for iPhone and iPad users, so what’s going on?
    First reported by MacRumours, Netflix has confirmed that support for AirPlay in the iOS app - something that has been in place since 2013 - has been removed, meaning Apple users now won’t be able to cast content from their iPhones to an AirPlay device, such as an Apple TV connected to their TV.

    The official line from Netflix is that the removal was in response to a technical limitation which follows on from Apple’s recent announcement that a number of TV manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio would support AirPlay 2 directly on their latest TV sets (mostly via a firmware update due in the coming months).

    The streaming giant states that since Apple will not allow the TV manufacturers to collect consumer usage data via AirPlay, they cannot identify which TVs are involved in the casting process and therefore cannot guarantee the highest quality service without appropriate certification. This is not something, it should be noted, that has been a problem with Chromecast enabled devices.

    A spokesperson for Netflix was reported as saying, “We want to make sure our members have a great Netflix experience on any device they use. With AirPlay support rolling out to third-party devices, there isn’t a way for us to distinguish between devices (what is an Apple TV vs. what isn’t) or certify these experiences. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue Netflix AirPlay support to ensure our standard of quality for viewing is being met." He went on to add, "Members can continue to access Netflix on the built-in app across Apple TV and other devices.”

    For those iPhone users without Apple TV, Netflix’s website advises iOS users to connect to a TV using Chromecast, Netflix 2nd Screen or a physical cable.

    The likely reason behind this move though is a deteriorating relationship between the two tech big hitters. Apple is now positioning itself as a content creating competitor to Netflix as the streaming market is slowly carved up between the big players entering the arena. Netflix will not be taking part in Apple’s ‘TV Plus’ subscription service and has already annulled the ability to sign up to its service using the iOS app, preferring rather that you use Netflix app.

    It all seems to boil down to who has the control over the interface with the consumer, and there are echoes of the spat between Amazon and Google a few years ago where Amazon refused to stock Google's Chromecast device while it attempted to get its foot in the streaming door with its FireTV platform.

    So, as Apple starts moving the goalposts, Netflix has taken its ball home.

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