Netflix continues to flourish

Orange is the New Black proves biggest hit

by hodg100 Oct 22, 2013 at 10:50 AM

  • Netflix has announced its 3rd Quarter earnings and it's good news all the way for the world's biggest internet streaming service.
    The company has revealed that they've surpassed the 40 million subscribers milestone, globally, and with over 30 million subscribers in the USA, it has now surpassed the numbers of HBO, America's leading cable network.

    International growth has also been steady with around 9 million signed up in Latin America and Europe.

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    At least some of the success can be attributed to Netflix's original content but it wasn't the Emmy Award winning 'House of Cards' that proved most popular with members, that accolade went to 'Orange is the New Black.' Netflix says that the drama has an audience comparable with successful shows on cable and broadcast TV but as they're not obliged to release viewing figures, we'll have to take them at their word.
    At least some of the success can be attributed to Netflix's original content
    Naturally the Company intends to keep on expanding and is currently seeking deals with cable box providers in the US, in a similar vein to their tie-in with Virgin, in the UK, which will see TiVo customers able to access the service from the box.

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