Monitor Audio launches High-performance IV140 Invisible Speaker

Invisible Atmos

by hodg100 Jan 21, 2017 at 6:13 PM

  • British speaker specialist, Monitor Audio, has introduced the IV140, which they describe as a breakthrough product designed to deliver ‘best in class’ audio performance in concealed in-wall and in-ceiling applications, which could be of interest for those wanting to keep pace with the latest immersive audio formats but don’t want the added clutter of more visible speakers.
    At just 95mm deep, (83.5mm fitting depth), the IV140 will fit into all conventional 4” stud bays within walls, leaving enough room for cabling, or within ceilings. Once skimmed with plaster, the speaker can be finished with paint, light wallpaper or fabric to ensure that it remains completely invisible in use.

    The IV140 features a large low-frequency exciter for punchy, high power bass along with two high frequency exciters which are bonded to a flat, soft polymer membrane surface to produce sound vibration. This two-way exciter design also features an integrated crossover in the same way as a conventional high-performance speaker to generate a wider frequency range. The result, says Monitor Audio, is, “crystal clear sound quality with smoother overall frequency undulation, balance and character.”

    The audio experience is also enhanced by Monitor Audio’s unique hybrid back box design for the IV140 which isolates sound in an effort to ensure consistent, controlled performance, regardless of placement. This rigid back box reduces sound emitted from the rear of the speaker, to minimise leakage into adjoining rooms.

    The design effectively limits low frequencies below 75Hz which can be a major asset, especially when the IV140 is deployed in home cinemas with an additional subwoofer. For projects where more low frequency extension is required, the rear cover can be removed to create an open back speaker.

    For those concerned about safety, the IV140 is protected against overload by automatic re-setting circuit breakers (PTC). These will attenuate output for a specific time period to allow the system to cool until normal operation can safely resume

    Architects, designers and clients are increasingly attracted to the benefits of an invisible audio soundstage,” says Monitor Audio’s Technical Director, Dean Hartley. “A completely concealed solution appeals where there is demand for audio in the home, in hospitality, commercial and public applications but also where it’s paramount to preserve the integrity of the interior aesthetic. Using all our forty years’ experience, we’ve built the IV140 to bring both ultimate discretion and audiophile performance to the invisible speaker category.”

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