Mobile Phones soon to have universal chargers, by law!

EU Law to come in to effect by 2017

by hodg100 Dec 19, 2013 at 2:52 PM

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    Mobile Phones soon to have universal chargers, by law!
    In what is one of the common sense decisions of all-time by the EU, a law has been passed that will make those days of charger frustration a thing of the past.
    A provisional EU Law, set to come in to force by 2017, would make it a legal requirement for manufacturers supplying the territory to provide mobile phone chargers that will fit in any equivalent device. The law would also cover the smartphone sector.

    Provided the deal is ratified by the European Parliament and EU member states, it would come in to effect in just over 3 years, an EU spokesperson said. So you best hope your local MEP is behind it.
    Law could be in force by 2017
    This draft law was as part of a wider look, by the EU, in to the field of radio equipment, in a bid to create a better harmonised set of rules for radio equipment, including phones and modems.

    Once final agreement is reached, member states will then have a further two years in which to make the regulation part of national law but we can't imagine there will be a great deal of public outcry against this one.
    Full agreement expected by March 2014
    A full session of the European Parliament is expected to turn the law in to reality in March 2014, so we'll be keeping our eyes out then but in the meantime we're just relishing the idea of charging an iPhone with a Galaxy charger, and vice versa.

    Chalk one up to sanity.

    Source: Reuters

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