Miyajima launches Infinity Mono cartridge

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by Andy Bassett Aug 1, 2019 at 6:06 AM

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    Miyajima launches Infinity Mono cartridge
    Miyajima is one of only a handful of audio specialist manufacturers who embraces mono phono cartridges and now the man behind it all, Noriyuki Miyajima has announced the Infinity Mono as the company’s top monoaural model.
    Taking the company’s Zero monoaural cartridge, Miyajima has further enhanced what was already critically lauded by some, to create a larger, heavier cartridge with an optimised single coil generator. The result weighs in at nearly 15g and is 24mm wide by 28mm deep.

    Electrically, the Infinity is similar to the Zero and the rear of the cartridge has four conventional terminals to connect to tonearms or headshells wired for stereo pickups. However, given its increased bulk, the Infinity may not be suitable for all arms and headshells and advice should be sought.

    For a world where music is almost universally presented and consumed in stereo format, the appeal of mono reproduction might not be immediately obvious but proponents claim that it presents a certain directness, focus, clarity and level of detail.

    A cartridge with a true mono design is mechanically different from a stereo cartridge in that it only operates in the lateral plane - there is no vertical compliance at all and this results in both very low groove noise and faithful tracking of the groove modulations. Lesser mono cartridges may be modified stereo designs and have some degree of vertical compliance thus registering vertical groove movements, which may be noise, dust or damage. Miyajima true mono cartridges are created to have no vertical compliance at all.
    In order to ensure the Infinity cartridge responds as accurately as possible to the horizontal modulation of the mono signal, it incorporates Miyajima’s vertical axis concentration moving coil generator system, part of the ground-up, mono only design.

    The Infinity Mono is available in two versions:
    1/ With a 1.0mil conical stylus for the wider groove mono records from the late 1940 to the late 1960s
    2/ With a 0.7mil conical stylus for mono records made after the late 1960s.
    However, both styli can trace the monaural LP of all generations without a problem.

    Miyajima cartridges are made in-house with six dedicated full-time people using real wood, diamonds and delicate coils.

    Technical Specifications

    Body type: African blackwood
    Frequency response:
    20Hz to 20kHz
    Output level: 0.4mV
    Impedance: 6 ohms
    Recommended load: 100 ohms
    Tracking force: 3.0 – 4.0g (3.5g recommended)
    Stylus type - Two versions: 1.0 mil conical for pre-1967 mono recordings, 0.7 mil conical for most post-1967 mono recordings
    Compliance: 100Hz : 8×10-6cm/dyne
    Weight: 14.8g

    Note: A true mono cartridge should be used solely with monaural records since damage can occur to stereo records due to the cartridge's lack of vertical compliance.

    The Miyajima Infinity monaural phono cartridge is available now, to order, priced at £2,725 (including VAT).

    Are there any mono fans amongst the AVForums members? Or is it something you have fancied trying? Let others know what you thought about the mono experience.

    Source: Press release
    Image Source: Miyajima

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