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Mission QX Speaker Range Announced

Comprehensive options cover Hi-Fi and AV

by Mark Hodgkinson Oct 4, 2017 at 7:34 AM

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    Mission QX Speaker Range Announced
    Mission is to launch an all-new speaker range this autumn, the QX range that covers both hi-fi and AV set-ups.
    Five core hi-fi models – 2 bookshelf designs and 3 floorstanding speakers – are joined in the Mission QX range by a dedicated centre speaker, two-way surround speaker and a powerful subwoofer.

    Mission QX range technology highlights

    • Advanced DiaDrive cone system - front inverted dome cone designed to deliver ansmooth response, driven by secondary sub cone to transfer maximum transient impact from the motor system
    • Oversized magnet motor system offers high sensitivity for maximum dynamic impact from any amplifier
    • New ‘ring dome’ treble unit offers high levels of musical detail with low distortion - the usual dome cavitation effects are avoided.
    • Slot port is profiled to reduce ‘chuffing’ distortion, yielding accurate bass performance
    • Acoustic crossover slopes claimed to achieve perfect integration between the drivers
    • Crossover uses laminated iron core bass coil, audiophile standard polypropylene capacitors, spaced on the PCB to avoid magnetic field interaction

    The QX-1, QX-2, QX-3 and QX-4 are two-way designs, combining the new 38mm Mission ring-dome tweeter with one mid/bass driver in the QX-1 (130mm driver) and QX-2, (150mm driver) and two mid/bass drivers in the QX-3 (130mm drivers), QX-4 (150mm drivers) and QX-C (130mm drivers). The QX-5 is a three-way design, with a 150mm midrange driver and 150mm bass driver joining the 38mm tweeter.

    The QX-S, meanwhile, is a two-way surround speaker design with two 130mm mid/bass drivers and twin 38mm tweeters.

    The range is rounded out by the QX-12 Subwoofer, which as its name suggests has a 12-inch (300mm) driver. It is a 300W design.

    The Mission QX series will be available from November, in a choice of three finishes: white, black and walnut. Suggested retail prices are:

    QX-1 – Bookshelf speaker - £299
    QX-2 – Bookshelf speaker - £379
    QX-3 – Floorstanding speaker - £699
    QX-4 – Floorstanding speaker - £799
    QX-5 – Floorstanding speaker - £999
    QX-C - Centre speaker - £299
    QX-S – Two-way surround speaker – £299
    QX-12 Subwoofer - Pricing TBC.

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