McIntosh C47 preamp launches

Twelve inputs, four of which are digital

by hodg100 Sep 24, 2015 at 10:54 AM

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    McIntosh C47 preamp launches
    McIntosh Laboratory has launched the new C47 preamp with built-in DAC, enabling up to four digital devices to connect and benefit from McIntosh’s sound quality and digital audio processing.
    The C47 is a ‘digital preamp’: it has an on-board DAC with four digital inputs including USB and combines contemporary technology with the core values of the brand. The C47 has been designed to offer flexibility with both digital and analogue source components. Boasting an impressive 12-inputs, it enables the direct connection of turntables, headphones, tablets and computers.

    For vinyl, the C47 offers a high-quality built-in phono stage for the immediate connection of turntables and for headphone-listening, there’s an advanced headphone amplifier stage with McIntosh’s proprietary Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD).

    The C47 is compatible with the latest high-resolution audio formats via its USB input, including DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 along with DXD 352.8kHz, enabling studio-master-tape-quality music playback in the home from high-res digital music files.

    The C47 is also optimised for SACD playback: it can connect digitally to McIntosh’s recently launched MCT450 SACD/CD transport via its ‘MCT input’, creating a secure and direct custom DSD connection.

    For analogue sources, the C47 includes six inputs and all inputs are available all of the time – even those that have been assigned to individual devices, giving good flexibility of configuration. The C47 also offers bass and treble tone controls for fine tuning. Another feature is Home Theatre Pass Through so it can integrate with multichannel A/V systems.

    The C47 incorporates classic McIntosh design cues, including a black glass front panel, an illuminated logo and brushed-aluminium end caps. Like all McIntosh products, the C47 is hand-built in the Binghamton factory (New York) and sports classic 1950s styling with contemporary features and technology.

    The C47 sells for £3,995 and will be available in the UK in October/November 2015.

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