Martin Logan speakers picked by PMC UK Distribution

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by Andy Bassett Jul 19, 2019 at 2:13 PM

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    Martin Logan speakers picked by PMC UK Distribution
    US company Martin Logan was formed in 1980 and made a name for itself producing speakers based around electrostatic and planar magnetic technology.
    Now, PMC UK Distribution has announced that it has become Martin Logan’s distributor and will make the prestigious US brand’s renowned speaker products available for music lovers and audiophiles around the UK.

    Currently exported to over 50 countries, Martin Logan, best known for its electrostatic panel designs, has become a well respected US speaker company with an acknowledged emphasis on audio performance, build quality and customer support.

    Electrostatic speakers have been around for around 100 years and the sound is created by using an electrostatic panel with super lightweight diaphragm for instantaneous movement. The design was associated with sonic accuracy and coherence, however, historically, the speakers were hard to drive and lacked bass.

    Martin Logan has spent 30 years refining its design and pair their panels with a conventional cone speaker to hand over at around 250Hz in order to deliver high quality bass in a hybrid speaker package.

    Another advantage over traditional cone speakers is that the electrostatic panel has more surface area than a cone and so gives a more directional sound with reduced audio reflections. MartinLogan introduced their curvilinear panel, with its 30 degree curve, to prevent the sound from being too narrow in its dispersion and to widen the listening zone without being hugely reflective from the side walls.

    PMC UK Distribution was separated out from PMC, itself an established manufacturer of loudspeakers and amplifiers with an expanding portfolio, in order to concentrate on distribution to retail and installation sectors within the home market.

    Their programme to introduce the Martin Logan loudspeaker ranges to the UK will start with the flagship Masterpiece series of electrostatic speakers, after which the company’s in-wall, and in-ceiling ranges will be introduced to the custom installation segment, where PMC is already an active player.

    The final stage of the plan will see the introduction of Martin Logan’s Motion and state-of-the-art BalancedForce subwoofers which feature Anthem Room Correction technology whereby adjustments to the audio output allow for any acoustic issues created by the environment.

    PMC’s authorised dealers will have access to new UK-centric websites with full availability of manuals and technical specifications in order to best support the customer.

    On the addition of MartinLogan to the PMC Distribution UK portfolio, divisional director, Ian Sutton said, “The changing market in the UK, and move towards high-end custom installations, meant we needed to expand our offering in this critical market. Martin Logan, while known most famously for its flat panels, has a very strong and extensive range of lifestyle active subwoofers and installation speakers and is the perfect fit with our other brands and own brand offering.”

    Is Martin Logan a brand AVForums members are familiar with? Has anyone had experience with electrostatic based speaker technology? Let others know in the discussion thread.

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