LS700HD and LS700-4K Laser Projectors announced at CES 2019 by ViewSonic

FHD or 4K projection, ViewSonic gives you a choice

by Andy Bassett Jan 14, 2019 at 12:17 PM

  • ViewSonic have expanded their projector lineup for 2019 by adding a 1080p laser model, LS700HD and a 4K laser model, LS700-4K. So what will these offer the consumer?
    Both of these announced projectors are laser phosphor-based units and each one offers a stated 3500 lumens of brightness which, according to the company, should be bright enough for any room, day or night. ViewSonic has included its SuperColour technology on both models which, they state, will help create richer, more life-like colour reproduction.

    The 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution LS700-4K features HDR content support though there’s no word on which formats, in particular, it is compatible with. It also comes with an integrated Smart TV interface for easy streaming of TV shows and movies from popular content services, again, there are no details on which ones might be included.

    The 1080p Full HD resolution model, the LS700HD, has a projected 20,000 hours of usage and will suit gamers with its 3x fast input.

    With the introduction of the LS700HD and LS700-4K laser projectors, ViewSonic is adding to its line of award-winning home theater projectors and expanding its 4K lineup,” said Sean Liu, product marketing manager for ViewSonic Americas. “We are continuously raising the bar on the quality of visual solution products we bring to the market, and with the LS700HD and LS700-4K, we deliver two projectors that can be used for incredible home theater experiences.”

    The projectors come with a 360-degree orientation function that allows them both to be installed in nearly any position and with 1.3x optical zoom and multiple connectivity options, such as HDMI 1.4a/HDCP 1.4, VGA In/Out, USB 2.0, Audio In/Out, Composite, RJ45 and RS232, these projectors can be positioned from floor to ceiling for flexible and creative installations to suit your available room size and layout.

    They can also be connected to any HDMI-enabled device and display 3D images directly from 3D Blu-Ray players, certainly useful if you have a legacy 3D movie library.

    Both projectors will be available in February 2019 with the LS700HD costing $2,199 and the LS700-4K costing $3,499 USD. No GBP specific prices are available but current conversion offers an approximate 1:1 translation.

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