Linsar release TV with built-in DVD player and soundbar

X24-DVD: One for the kids

by hodg100 Oct 10, 2014 at 9:57 AM

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    Linsar release TV with built-in DVD player and soundbar
    British TV Company LINSAR is proud to announce the launch of their X24-DVD, a new ultra slim 24” TV with an integral Sound bar.
    First of its kind, this feature packed 24" LED TV boasts high quality HD audio, thanks to a Sound bar that’s conveniently built into the stand, stunning picture quality from the integrated Freeview HD 1080p tuner, a slim, side mounted DVD player and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from your smartphone or tablet.

    The X24-DVD is ideal for the younger viewer who demands better sound from watching music channels or playing their favourite tracks from a wireless device, as well as the more discerning consumer who maybe hard of hearing and needs louder and better sound quality from their TV. Due to it’s ultra-slim compact dimensions the X24-DVD can also be mounted on a wall making this TV an ideal choice for a bedroom, study, kitchen or almost any room in the house.

    All LINSAR TVs come with a free 5 Year Warranty and the X24-DVD is in shops now at a retail price of £299.99.

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