Linn launches new versions of DS players

Highest ever level of audio performance and introduces SPACE Optimisation, a unique new optimisation technology.

by hodg100 Mar 16, 2015 at 12:04 PM

  • In 2007 Linn launched Klimax DS, bringing 24-Bit music into the living room for the first time and, according to the blurb – which there is definite substance to – ‘revolutionising’ the way music could be listened to in the home.
    Following this, Linn released the Akurate DS, Majik DS and Sneaky DS in 2008 and building on their approach, Linn is to introduce what they consider a huge leap forward in audio performance that re-defines the DS category.

    These enhancements are delivered in the new Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS and Majik DSM players by an innovative new approach to clocking architecture and improved audio circuitry layouts, leading to a reduction in the number of components, shorter signal paths and reduced jitter.

    From today (16th March), every Linn DS player will feature SPACE Optimisation technology – Speaker, Placement and Custom Environment Optimisation. Adapted from the optimisation technology developed in their Exakt systems, this tech builds an acoustic model of the complete listening environment based on the choice of loudspeaker, the placement of the speakers and the unique characteristics of the listening room, regardless of the speaker manufacturer and type.

    Every speaker is unique. The characteristics of the enclosure, drive units, ports and layout all influence the sound that is heard. SPACE Optimisation models the speakers based on all of these elements, to understand how the sound from the speakers interacts with the room.

    Of course, the physical placement of speakers also has a profound effect on what is heard. This is why Linn specialists establish the ideal position through careful listening – the Tune Dem method. However this ideal position is not always practical for everyone in the family. SPACE Optimisation enables a Linn DS to emulate the sound of the ideal speaker position from the preferred, practical location.

    And then you have the room, itself, and how it affects the sound. As sound waves reflect off the walls, ceiling and floor, they interact, leading to peaks of increased energy at specific low frequencies. These peaks sound artificially loud, and because their increased energy takes longer to decay, they mask the music that follows. SPACE Optimisation enables Linn DS players to optimise the sound for a room by identifying these peaks and reducing their energy to reveal the music that would otherwise be hidden.

    Linn has always been committed to offering tailored and flexible upgrade paths to the latest levels of performance for all customers. All Linn DS and Linn DSM players now have Exakt Links to support future upgrade to the performance of Exakt.

    Available from Monday 16th March, Klimax DS is priced at £13,300, Akurate DS is £4,750, Majik DS is £1,990 and Majik DSM is £2,965.

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