LG to release firmware fix for 2018 OLED issues

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by Andy Bassett Mar 10, 2019 at 10:18 AM

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    LG to release firmware fix for 2018 OLED issues
    Back in December last year, several AVForums members posted about problems they were experiencing with LGs 2018 range of OLEDs. Following on from these reports, LG have come up with a firmware fix that the South Korean company is planning to release shortly.
    According to John Archer, the fix has been demonstrated by LG and to all intents and purposes the issues have been reduced to a point whereby, if they do occur, they are largely imperceptible.

    The problems manifested as flashing and elevated noise levels and could be replicated when watching certain challenging scenes on both Amazon and Netflix streaming platforms. It seems the problems stemmed from how the picture processing engine implemented ‘near black management’ in the panels and adjustments to this process have mitigated the issues.

    Given that LG supplies OLED panels to many TV manufacturers around the globe, it’s no surprise that similar issues have been reported in Sony and (to a much lesser extent) Philips OLED TVs. LG points out though that the fix they are supplying is only suitable for their own models and it it is incumbent on individual manufacturers to apply fixes customised to their own specific image processing engines.

    The firmware patch is version number 04.10.31 (subject to any pre-release tweaks and also global region) and will be released by early April. LG will be aiming to target as many of their customers as possible, thus the patch has been initially prioritised for the Alpha 9 chipset in the C8, E8, G8 and W8 models and it will be released in the US and Europe first. The other territories will receive a release soon after and a patch suitable for the Alpha 7 chipset found in the B8 OLED sets will follow that.

    This is not the first time that LG has had to react to reported problems and firmware rollouts were also required to correct HDR luminescence and HLG playback in 2018 models. Thankfully, LG appears to listen closely to the AV community and responds quickly.

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