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LG to mass produce 77-inch OLED panels in 2020

LG knows the size of the prize

by Andy Bassett Aug 15, 2019 at 12:35 PM

  • LG Display’s oft-talked about Guangzhou OLED fab in China is nearing completion and it’s already been earmarked for a range of production tasks and outcomes. Now, it seems another one has been added - monster 77-inch OLED panels.
    Completion of the factory is due on August 29th - a mere two weeks away - and with that will begin an initial period of production to test out the capabilities and yields of the various manufacturing facilities before moving on to larger-scale projects.

    Initially, the second half of 2019 will see the production of 55-inch and 65-inch panels before 77-inch OLED panels are added to the production roster. Currently, these large scale displays are only made at the 8.5-generation Paju plant in Korea.

    As part of expected cost efficiencies at the Guangzhou plant, multi-model glass (MMG) technology will be applied to the 55-inch and 65-inch screens. MMG enables panels of different sizes to be produced from one substrate and this will be applied to the 77-inch panel creation process so that both 77 and 48-inch panels can be made from the same piece of ‘mother glass’. Whether the anticipated 48-inch panels will be introduced at the same time as the 77-inch panel production starts has not been confirmed but it seems possible given a projected 2020 production commencement for these uniquely sized panels. Global information analyst IHS Markit anticipates that the plant will move to large scale production of 77-inch panels in the second half of 2020.

    With large OLED panels of 70-inches or above becoming more popular, efficient manufacturing at Guangzhou is important for LG Display as the number of panels coming out of their current facility at Paju is not significantly large.

    LG has recently restructured its TV business plan to move away from LCD TVs, where it is losing out to Chinese manufacturers on price, to instead focus on OLED TVs as a premium product that attracts a greater profit margin which offsets the higher production costs yet still maintains a healthy top line.

    Recent data from IHS Markit reflects the consumer preference for large screen TVs which is fuelling this segment of the OLED market as the growth rate of 70-inch plus models far exceeded that of TVs in the 50-59-inch and 60-69-inch screen size categories in 2018.

    With IHS Markit estimating 8.5 million global sales of TVs larger than 70-inches (including OLED, QLED and LCD models) by 2023, LG will want their newest plant running like clockwork as soon as possible.

    Are there any AVForums members who have added a huge OLED TV to their wishlist? If so, are you happy to wait another year or so until these large panel beasts hit the market in larger numbers before taking the plunge?

    Source: www.businessk orea.co.kr
    Image Source: lg.com

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