LG successfully tests 4K IPTV over 5G

But how long until we see it in the UK?

by hodg100 Oct 10, 2017 at 10:28 AM

  • LG Uplus, one of South Korea’s leading mobile providers has carried out fruitful testing of an Ultra HD IPTV service on a 5G network setup.
    5G is set to be the next major enhancement in the delivery of data over mobile networks and promises to improve speeds, reduce latency and even increase reach. In everyday conditions, 5G is expected to average a download speed of around 100Mbps, which would be plenty for 4K video streams – both Netflix and Amazon ‘get by’ with just over 15 Mbps.

    LG Uplus used 5G equipment provided by Huawei to send the data to an IPTV enabled display from an office in western Seoul. The company used the 28 GHz spectrum, deployed for domestic internet access in Korea, to prove it would work in a busy networking environment.

    The obvious benefits of UHD delivery over a mobile network are some way from seeing the light of day in the UK, however, with no fixed date for roll-out. The Government did invest a further £740 million in research on 5G last November (2016) and, of course, most of the major players in the mobile networks and devices markets have been doing lots of R&D on future 5G delivery, so it will come but it’s likely to be the early-to-mid-2020’s before it’s reach could be considered mainstream here.

    Source: The Korea Herald

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