LG Signature OLED W takes flat-screen to the next level

W is for Wallpaper

by hodg100 Jan 4, 2017 at 4:52 PM

  • LG has used its press conference at CES 2017 to announce its latest flaghship OLED TV, the LG Signature OLED W, which is a 4K HDR/ Dolby Vision display boasting an incredibly thin chassis, with a Dolby Atmos capable soundbar to provide the audio.
    We'd say that LG doesn't like to do things by halves but that doesn't seem particularly fitting in this instance, given the proportions. The 'W' in the product name stands for Wallpaper and is reference to its 'picture-on-wall' design which sticks to said wall using nothing more than the supplied magnets.

    The OLED65W7P - to use its less glorious product code- is a two part design that is just 2.57mm deep in terms of the screen. It connects to the soundbar unit, which also serves as a media box, via a single cable with all the connections, processing, amplification and speakers, of course, therein. There is also a 75-inch version, named the OLED75W7P, that features the same connectivity and 4.2 channel Atmos enabled speaker driver layout.

    LG has also refreshed the rest of its OLED TV line-up with the B7, C7, E7 and G7 also set to launch in 2017. All of the new sets are reported to be around 25% brighter than last year’s equivalents and all boast support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR formats. Another addition to this year’s range is support for HLG HDR, which is the format that will almost certainly be used in delivering broadcast High Dynamic Range content in the UK.

    LG has seemingly ditched THX for 2017, in favour of the colour expertise of Technicolor for this year’s range, with a special colour mode available in certain TVs as well as ‘advanced’ calibration controls included.

    Led by the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W-series, our TV lineup at CES 2017 demonstrates our commitment to innovation and leadership in OLED and the premium TV market globally,” said Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA. “With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos integrated into our newest OLED products, viewers can recapture the magic of the cinema and experience their favorite movies with their original clarity, depth and imagination intact.”

    We await pricing and availability details and we’ll be getting a closer look on the LG stand in Vegas later this week.

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