LG signage technology hints at possible future TVs?

Signs of TV things to come?

by Andy Bassett Jun 14, 2019 at 3:24 PM

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    LG signage technology hints at possible future TVs?
    LG showed off some of its innovative business solution signage at Infocomm recently including Micro LED, Transparent OLED, Open Frame OLED and a range of LED signage. Does this give a sneak peek into possible new directions for their TVs?
    It’s no secret that LG back OLED and it's where the company see their immediate future, as such they are investing heavily to make sure that vision comes to fruition. Although their OLED sales do lag behind Samsung’s QLED models, the premium that OLED attracts ensures sales figures still represent healthy income.

    Nonetheless, good business practice normally dictates not relying on a sole product or income stream and, though LG also has their Nanocell LED TV range, could the products unveiled at Infocomm give any clues about possible future TV products from the company?

    Revealed for the first time, and described as “one-of-a kind,” was LG’s Micro LED Signage which the company reckons could be the future of digital signage. LG’s version of Micro LED uses independent, self-emitting Micro LEDs that are less than 50 micrometres - approximately half the width of a human hair.

    The advantages of Micro LED include the elimination of burn-in and the subsequent extended life of the display which is a result of Micro LED’s inorganic nature. Obviously, removing this problem from displays that are showing images permanently, as most signs would be, is something the industry would be extremely keen on.

    With Samsung’s recent announcement of their 'The Wall' a luxury version of Micro LED, it seems that the display industry is confident in moving forward with this technology even if it is currently only aimed at high-end, luxury and corporate installations.

    Transparent OLED was represented by a 55-inch display panel, the 55EW5F, which is expected to be used mainly in the retail and corporate hospitality, whereby the viewer is able to watch a high quality OLED image while at the same time being able to see objects behind the glass. One might imagine their usefulness as part of an art or museum display.
    Also on display were LG’s Open Frame OLED panels which made up the same large scale LG OLED Falls installation that welcomed visitors to this year’s CES. The thin, lightweight and flexible screens need no separate light source and can be shaped into innovative designs.

    In a similar fashion, LG’s new LAPE series of LEDs display modules support true curvature in both concave and convex orientations for what the South Korean electronics giant describes as ”virtually limitless design flexibility.” The LAPE series also employs the company’s Dynamic Contrast Algorithm to produce an image with a wide colour range and deep contrast.

    Also on show were a 130-inch LED screen with embedded speakers and multiple AV connections, designed to replace conference room projectors plus a range of IPS In-cell Touch Interactive Digital Boards (IDBs) with an improved, realistic writing experience.

    Lee Choong-hwoan, head of the Information Display business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. Said, “Advances in B2B technologies are opening up new opportunities for digital signage, exemplified by the diverse OLED and LED portfolio LG is featuring at InfoComm,”

    He added, “Our knowledge and expertise in both OLED and LED displays allows us the privilege of being the only company that can deliver this wide collection of signage solutions to our customers.”

    So, no indication of plans to introduce any of this to the consumer market but at least we know it’s there, in LG’s back pocket, if they need it.

    Source: LG press release
    Image Source: LG

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