LG plans 48-inch OLED TV

OLED fans with small rooms (or pockets) - rejoice!

by Andy Bassett Mar 9, 2019 at 1:19 PM

  • Rumoured at CES2019 but never materialising, LG now confirms plans to manufacture a 48-inch OLED TV.
    Announced at last week’s OLED Korea conference, this is the news that many OLED TV fans have been waiting for.

    As part of its presentation for developing its TV business, LG Display touched on transparent, flexible, rollable and 8K panels, all of which were either expected or already announced but the proclamation that really caught the conference’s attention was plans to produce 48-inch OLED panels.

    The impetus behind the decision could be LG’s push to produce 10 million TVs by 2021. Expanding existing OLED markets and creating ones will be part of that drive and fits with their recent announcement that the company would be investing $10 billion (around £8bn/AU$14bn) to continue developing its OLED technology and manufacturing processes.

    Breaking below the 50-inch barrier will hopefully send out a message to the other OLED TV producers that there is a profitable market here and, since LG provide OLED panels for the likes of Sony and Panasonic, this could really open up choice for the consumer.

    Despite the juggernaut style march towards larger and larger TV screens (and who doesn’t love a big TV?) there are plenty of TV fans who are not in a position to house a 65-inch plus model and for whom a 48-inch (or even smaller) screen means that OLED technology is now available to them. Add to that the smaller price tag that comes with a smaller screen and OLED moves from a premium-only product to something more mainstream for families and non-AV types.

    It’s not clear at what point any 48-inch models will hit the market but proof of concept and development announcements at future CES or IFA meetings are now a possibility.

    At the same event, LG Display also says it will expand its 8K OLED TV lineup with 65-inch and 77-inch 8K panels, joining the current 88-inch OLED88Z9.

    How would a smaller OLED fit into your future TV purchasing plans? Let us know in the discussion thread.

    Source: OLED-Info

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